Versatility is Guillorme's calling card for Mets

June 21st, 2022

NEW YORK --  is having the best season of his career, and he has become a valuable utility player for the Mets.  

After starting the season 1-for-14, Guillorme is batting .362 with 22 runs scored in his past 39 games. He's also 10th on the team in bWAR at 1.2.  

What has Guillorme done to become productive at the plate? It’s simple. He decided to be himself and try not to do too much.  

“I finally have a routine that works for me,” Guillorme said. “Before I took too many swings, in the sense that every time I felt that I was in a good spot, I was like, I can go a little more than this. And then I would get out of whack."    

No matter where you put him in the infield -- except first base -- Guillorme plays Gold Glove-caliber defense, and his dirty uniform is all the proof you need after all those diving plays. He said he loves bouncing around the infield.   

“I feel comfortable bouncing around, especially at third base,” Guillorme said. “Third base is a position where from the moment I came up, [the Mets] threw me to third without having any experience whatsoever. It was a position I had to learn when I was [in the Major Leagues]. I’m now comfortable at third. Second base and shortstop are going to be my positions. Second base -- more now.”

Guillorme, who is getting a chance by manager Buck Showalter to play daily, loves his conversations with his skipper.

“Throughout the game, we will talk about some situations, some plays, and Buck is already thinking three steps ahead of you when you are asking a simple question,” Guillorme said.

Showalter said Guillorme is engaged in the competition and always asks great questions.

“I wish I could somehow tape everything he says to me when he is in the hole, getting ready to go on deck. His mind is always on baseball, thinking about situations that may be coming up,” Showalter said. “He may ask me about a play that was in the highlights. He is engaged in baseball. He is a student of the game. He loves it. You can tell he lives and breathes it.”