Roberts not concerned with Machado's hustle

Turner, Muncy trade lineup spots for Game 3

October 15th, 2018

LOS ANGELES -- Don't like the look of Manny Machado coasting down the first-base line after hitting a routine grounder, especially in the postseason?

OK, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts hears you, but now probably isn't the optimal time to play disciplinarian with one of the most-feared hitters still playing this year.

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"I know that he's doing a lot of things to help us win games," Roberts said. "I don't feel a need to have to address it. Some guys do that and take it, 'I'm going to run so hard because I'm so mad.' He's guilty of going the other way. I don't think it's a disrespect to his teammates."

Roberts said that for all Machado does well offensively and defensively -- and at times exceptionally -- sometimes you just pick your battles.

"There's no perfect player," Roberts said. "A guy that posts every inning is hard to come by these days. For me, the net, it's not even close."

Roberts tweaks lineup with Hader in mind

Don't mess with a good thing -- so don't mess with 's spot in the lineup, right?

But Roberts flipped Turner and for Game 3. Turner had hit second in 47 of the Dodgers' previous 49 games, including six postseason games, but Turner hit third and Muncy hit second on Monday. That's because Roberts sees an opportunity to counter Brewers left-handed reliever by stacking right-handers against him late in the game.

Starting with Turner, the next six batters in the Dodgers lineup hit right-handed or are switch-hitters. "It doesn't tinker too much, but what it does is it guards potentially against Hader trying to get a run," Roberts said.

And moving Turner out of his spot? Turner had a 1.027 OPS hitting second in 51 regular-season games this season. He had a .783 OPS in 45 games hitting third.

"I just don't think that's too much," Roberts said. "We don't lose too much."