Semien, wife welcome 4th child ... in nick of time

October 14th, 2023

HOUSTON -- Amid the noise, pressure and chaos, what  expects is peace.

The Rangers’ second baseman spoke of blessings and bliss Saturday at Minute Maid Park, three days after he and his wife, Tarah Murrey, welcomed their fourth child, Amelie.

Semien rejoined his club ahead of Sunday’s Game 1 of the American League Championship Series against the Astros. More than anything, he was grateful to have witnessed the birth of his daughter in the thick of a deep playoff run.

“We signed up for it,” said Semien. “When you’re playing baseball this late in the year, I mean, these are the most meaningful games of my life. And they’re the most meaningful games for our family. So it’s tough that I can’t be there, but Tarah is a competitor. She’s ready for me to have a good series here, get this win and bring it back to Texas.”

The timing of Amelie’s birth wasn’t all luck or destiny for Semien. He and Tarah had been on alert since the late days of the regular season, when the Rangers were fighting for the AL West crown and a postseason spot. Semien, who hasn’t missed a game since 2020, divided his attention between the division chase and his family.

The regular season ended, the Wild Card Series came and went and little Amelie still hadn’t shown up. After the Rangers swept the Orioles in the AL Division Series, and with Tarah’s due date nearing, she informed her husband that she was going to induce labor -- thus making sure the dad would be around for it, as Texas waited out the result of the set between the Twins and Astros.

“We played on Tuesday night at home [against the O’s], and once we won that game, I saw my family, I hugged them and Tarah said, ‘We’re going to induce,’” Semien said with a laugh.

Amelie was born Thursday, joining Marcus and Tarah’s three sons, Isaiah, Joshua and Eli.

That whirlwind is complete, but Semien and the Rangers are about to enter another one as they take on the Astros in the ALCS. Why, then, is the 33-year-old expecting to feel at peace when he takes the field?

Because that’s how he felt when he stepped up following the birth of his first son -- when he was still a member of the A’s.

“I think we were playing St. Louis,” Semien recalled. “I’m on the field, it’s a sold-out house and I just felt so at peace. Because it’s such a big moment when you have your first child, the crowd didn’t mean anything to me. I was just so focused on the game, just [felt] so blessed. And it’s going to be a similar feeling this time.”