Bobblehead expert? Info about museum

January 29th, 2021
David Roth/Miami Marlins

One of the most beloved features at Marlins Park is the Bobblehead Museum, the largest permanent and public display of bobbleheads in the big leagues, and a tribute to one of the most unique pieces of sports memorabilia.

Here are answers to common questions about the museum:

How many are there?

More than 500 bobbleheads reside in the glassed-in, two-sided display case, which has interior lighting so every bobblehead is visible. It is made of 3/8-inch clear tempered glass, and features vibration plates that cause the bobbleheads to bobble. The case can hold close to 600 bobbleheads at a time.

Where is it located?

The museum, which was originally situated on the main concourse behind home plate, moved in 2018 in conjunction with the creation of Billy’s Kids Zone. It is adjacent to Billy’s Boathouse and the virtual Home Run Derby on the main concourse in center field. This location provides a space for families to bring their kids for activities prior to and during Marlins games.

Where do the bobbleheads come from?

Each year, various Major League and Minor League teams donate their latest bobbleheads to the Marlins, who also add their own, to update the museum. The Marlins also have receive bobbleheads from local colleges and universities. Once a bobblehead is retired from the museum, the Marlins store it in their archives.

What kind of bobbleheads are there?

The bobblehead museum sticks to a baseball theme. In addition to players, managers, broadcasters and mascots, there are celebrity bobbleheads that have been distributed as a promotion at MLB or MiLB games. Those include the Pitbull and DJ Khaled ones the Marlins gave away.

How are they organized?

The player bobbleheads are bundled by teams and the specialty bobbleheads (mascots/broadcasters/celebs/themes) are grouped by theme (i.e. "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones").

Why a bobblehead museum?

The bobblehead is synonymous with baseball and is a fan-favorite giveaway item regardless of the team. The bobblehead has evolved over the years and is considered a collector's item. The bobblehead museum is a unique feature at Marlins Park, where the organization focuses on providing fun family entertainment.