Stanton hits one out of the park -- literally

Projected 475 feet third-longest homer tracked by Statcast; ball goes over stands in left

May 13th, 2015

LOS ANGELES -- Giancarlo Stanton wowed the crowd during batting practice, belting at least one home run out of Dodger Stadium. It ended up being a prelude to what was to come once Tuesday night's game began.
Stanton launched an awe-inspiring home run off Mike Bolsinger in the first inning that hit the back of the canopy in the left-field pavilion before bouncing out of the stadium. The blast, according to Statcast™, traveled a projected 475 feet with an exit velocity of 114 mph. For Miami, it ended up being the lone bright spot in a game the Dodgers won, 11-1.
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But in the first inning, it was Stanton who put on a show. The large crowd collectively moaned as the slugger circled the bases on a drive left fielder Scott Van Slyke barely moved on.

"He crushed that ball," Miami manager Mike Redmond said. "He's hit a couple like that in batting practice the last couple of days. He hammered that thing."
Miami right-hander Dan Haren, Tuesday's losing pitcher, formerly played with the Dodgers. He knows how rare it is to blast a ball out of the park, especially at night.
"That was amazing," Haren said. "If anyone is going to do it, it's him. It doesn't surprise me really. That was pretty impressive. It happens a lot in batting practice, but it's different during the game. The weather cools down. It's quite a bit tougher."
It wasn't the only hard-hit ball by Stanton on the night. In the sixth inning, he blistered a single to left. Statcast™ tracked the exit velocity at 120 mph. On May 2 against the Phillies at Marlins Park, Stanton had a double that was clocked at 120 mph, the hardest hit ball in the Majors that Statcast has tracked this season. 

Stanton's homer is the third longest in the big leagues, according to Statcast™. Seattle's Nelson Cruz has the deepest drive at 483 feet, while Toronto's Josh Donaldson blasted a homer of 481 feet.
The Dodger Stadium estimate was 478 feet. Stanton's career-long blast, according to ESPN's Home Run Tracker, was 494 feet, at Colorado on Aug. 17, 2012. Last season, at Marlins Park, Stanton cleared the Budweiser Bar, at 484 feet, on April 4.
More precise Statcast™ data broke down every aspect of Stanton's eighth homer. The actual distance on the blast, which came on an 85-mph Bolsinger cut fastball, was was 474.818 feet, and the exit velocity was 113.96 mph. The precise pitch speed was 85.214 mph.
Stanton hit the fifth home run to leave the building in the history of Dodger Stadium. The others were by Mark McGwire (483 feet, May 22, 1999), Mike Piazza (478 feet, Sept. 21, 1997), Willie Stargell (470 feet, May 8, 1973) and Stargell (506 feet, 6 inches, Aug. 5, 1969).