Mets practice World Series celebrations

Confidence is key

March 10th, 2021

Spring Training is generally a time for practicing the mundane, the routine. Most teams spend the early part of March bunting, fielding ground balls, fielding fly balls, taking BP or getting runners over from second to third.

The Mets, though, the Mets are practicing their World Series celebrations.

Pretty good. They look ready.'s Mark Feinsand got more details from Mets manager Luis Rojas on what was happening:

"Once we finished with the drills with the pitchers, the infielders and the outfielders stayed on the field for a live fungo drill, which is a coach tossing the ball to another and then taking hacks. We had a lefty hitter and a righty hitter which was Luis Rivera as the righty hitter and Tony Tarasco was our lefty hitter. We had them put some live situations and the guys wanted to make it a little bit more intense, which I love. ... The guys were celebrating that last out because Tony Tarasco threw a situation of the World Series, Game 7, robbing a home run with Michael Conforto. They simulated that very well. I thought Michael did a good job going back there and simulating the catch and running back in; everybody just jet and it was celebrating. It was an exciting camp day; that’s probably the best I have seen that drill done in my young coaching career."

You can get a bit more context from Deesha Thosar's video below. That's apparently first-base coach Tarasco you can hear yelling.

"That’s our goal here," Rojas said. "We’re here because we want to win the championship. We want to win it, we want to celebrate and we want to bring it to the fan base. I’ve been here 15 years, so it would be a dream come true seeing that and watching everybody celebrate like that."

Dom Smith also relished in the moment.

"You’ve just got to kind of practice how you play and envision," Smith explained. "I believe in putting great things and positive things to the universe and I feel like it's more likely to happen. That was great that you know our coach, Tony, he set up that situation and we kind of went through that. It’s just fun; it kind of gave me chills, especially looking back at the video. It's pretty cool."

Hey, you not only have to know how to win, but what to do once you do, right?