Hey, Mets infield: What sport are we playing here?

July 10th, 2022

The Mets' infielders are solid with their gloves, but they might be just as good with their feet, as evidenced by a little impromptu soccer practice during Sunday's game against the Marlins.

As they came off the field to end the top of the fourth inning, shortstop Francisco Lindor, third baseman Eduardo Escobar and second baseman Luis Guillorme kicked the baseball like one would see from soccer players -- or hacky sack aficionados, for that matter. Guillorme was particularly slick, and it makes sense: As evidenced by his renowned bat-catching abilities, he strikes one as someone who is good at everything.

The Mets' infield wizardry wasn't limited to parlor tricks, of course: Earlier in the fourth inning, Lindor and Guillorme turned this dynamite double play.