Trout homers off son, lets him know it

May 28th, 2022

A universal rite of passage of childhood is that first time a child gets the best of a parent in sports. It doesn't matter if it's a strikeout in the backyard or a HORSE victory under the basketball hoop in the driveway, it's a moment of pride and triumph that can stick with a kid forever. But when you're the son of one of the most elite athletes on the planet, that particular milestone might have to wait a bit.

That was the case for a certain Beckham Trout.

In a video posted to Instagram on Saturday, Angels superstar Mike Trout coaxed his not-yet-two-year-old son into throwing some pitches in a little indoor batting practice: "Come on, dude. We gotta work on Daddy's swing. Not a lot of hits lately."

Gotta love it when "not a lot of hits lately" still translates into a 1.062 OPS, best in the Majors.

Beckham's first offering was at the bottom of the zone, but not too low for his dad to use his mini Mike Trout-branded bat to crush it for a no-doubter off the wall across the room. As if that wasn't ruthless enough, the three-time AL MVP dropped an ice-cold bat flip and "Let's go son!" on his adorable progeny.

Completely unfazed, Beckham waited for his dad to finish his home run trot before going for the bat himself to take some cuts off the old man. They say you've got to beat the best to be the best, and that means Beckham could be well on his way to joining the ever-growing list of second-generation baseball stars.