We may NEVER see a catch like this again

Missouri outfielder makes the grab ... loses it ... then gets it again

April 29th, 2023

You never know what you’re going to see on the baseball diamond on any given day. This time, we present to you a catch unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The setting: It’s a Southeastern Conference battle between visiting Missouri and host Florida. Righty Chandler Murphy is on the mound for Mizzou in the bottom of the third, battling against Colby Halter. The Gators lefty pokes a pitch to shallow left field, and Cam Chick has to come sprinting in to have any hope of making the grab.

Well, Chick did … then he didn’t … and then he did.

In an almost comical sequence of events, Chick goes airborne, reaches out and secures the ball, only for it to pop out when his glove hits the grass. The outfielder thinks he’s made the catch, but he quickly adjusts when he realizes his glove is empty.

The ball goes straight into the air, softly bonks off the top of his head, rolls off his shoulders as he’s sliding forward and falls neatly into his glove once again. A catch once made, then lost, then made again.

It’ll go into the scorecard as a lineout to left, but in reality, it was anything but routine. Way to stick with it, kid!