We're up! Baseball Twitter abuzz after Super Bowl

February 4th, 2019

Now that football season has officially ended, with the Patriots' 13-3 victory over the Rams in Super Bowl LIII, the transition into baseball season is not only underway, but being celebrated by MLB and players alike. Here's a look at some of the Twitter activity surrounding anticipation of Spring Training.

No discussion of Baseball Twitter would be right if it didn't begin with Mets right-hander . Thor took to Twitter to express his joy that baseball is around the corner:

The official MLB Twitter account had several posts on the anticipation of baseball season, including the lighting up of the MLB logo with the phrase "We're Up."

With the two premier free agents on the market still unsigned, no post-Super Bowl baseball Twitterfest would be complete without a cryptic tweet from , one that received more than 20,000 likes in the first 90 minutes after it was posted:

The D-backs got in on the action, too, taking things to another level with a skit performed by and . High marks for this:

You know MLB Network is ready:

How about Dodgers third baseman ? He's asking a rhetorical question, of course:

Staying in the National League West, the Rockies' kept it simple and to the point:

Iannetta's club is always in on the Twitter fun:

And the Giants are getting hyped with this hype video:

More from the NL East, where the Nationals' is fired up after watching a team win a championship:

The Phillies' was counting down the seconds:

Staying in the east, but the AL East, the O's can't wait to get going:

Back out west, the A's are showing off their new caps in style:

Nothing like watching dingers fly to get you hyped for baseball season. The Angels obliged:

and the White Sox are ready for walk-off season:

Hey, so are the Tigers:

The Blue Jays have a treat for you, too: launching a football into the seats. How's that for some symbolism?

The Crew can't wait for Spring Training, but it appreciates the symmetry in the number 53: