Draft-day mock: First-round projections

Callis, Mayo agree on predictions for top 5 picks

June 12th, 2017

In the weeks leading up to the Draft, we have taken turns in providing the latest information in first-round projections. Now it's time to present you with our dueling mock drafts.

On the final night before the Twins make the No. 1 pick overall, there was a lot more information -- and many rumors -- to consider as we each filled in our view of how the first round will go. Even with many permutations possible, starting with Minnesota's selection at the top, we ended up with identical picks 1-5. The first time we differ is the A's at No. 6, but you'll see many other contrasts all the way through No. 30.

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Perhaps the biggest omission we shared was that of UCLA ace Griffin Canning. News of worries about his medical report spread last week, making him a bit difficult to place. But it should be noted that there is a good chance there are teams who will not be concerned with the report and he could go somewhere in the second half of the first round.

We will have one last update for everyone, a names-only projection, that will serve as our final projection before things get started at 7 p.m. ET.

Live Draft coverage begins tonight at 6 ET with broadcast coverage on MLB Network and MLB.com, and continues Tuesday and Wednesday on MLB.com. The first round consists of 30 picks, 27 regular choices and three compensatory selections. The Blue Jays, Rangers and Cubs each added a second first-rounder when free agents , and signed with the Indians, Rockies and Cardinals (each of whom forfeited their first-rounder).

Detailed scouting reports for all of the players discussed below can be found on MLBPipeline.com's Top 200 Draft Prospects list.

1. Twins

Mayo: Brendan McKay, LHP/1B, Louisville - The Twins are still looking at multiple candidates, with Vanderbilt's Kyle Wright, and high schoolers Hunter Greene, Royce Lewis and MacKenzie Gore still being kicked around. But McKay looks like the odds-on favorite right now, and they would draft him as a pitcher.

Callis: Brendan McKay, 1B/LHP, Louisville - Minnesota prefers McKay as a potential No. 2 starter but likely will give him the chance to both hit and pitch at the start of his career. California high school shortstop/outfielder Lewis appears to be Plan B, but only if he would cost significantly less than McKay, which won't happen.

2. Reds

Mayo: Hunter Greene, RHP, Notre Dame HS (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) - This continues to be as sure a thing as there is in what looks to be a potentially wild first round. If the Twins don't take Greene, the Reds almost certainly will.

Callis: Hunter Greene, RHP, Notre Dame HS (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) - This is the easiest pick to project. Cincinnati has Greene atop its list and McKay (as a pitcher) right behind him.

3. Padres

Mayo: MacKenzie Gore, LHP, Whiteville (N.C.) HS - There's some talk of the Padres looking to cut a deal with someone here, but they're not afraid to go after high-end high school talent and could choose between Gore and Lewis. It seems like they prefer the talented North Carolina prep lefty.

Callis: MacKenzie Gore, LHP, Whiteville (N.C.) HS - San Diego covets Greene but will have to choose between Gore and Lewis.

4. Rays

Mayo: Royce Lewis, SS/OF, JSerra Catholic HS (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) - Rumors of a deal with Alabama high school outfielder Bubba Thompson were swirling, and the Rays could consider taking Wright here, but most feel they'll go with the top position player in the class.

Callis: Royce Lewis, SS/OF, JSerra Catholic HS (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) - Tampa Bay's top choice is McKay (as a hitter), and he could get here if Minnesota passes. If not, this pick becomes Gore versus Lewis. If the Rays decide not to take whomever the Padres leave them, they could cut a deal with Thompson.

5. Braves

Mayo: Keston Hiura, OF/2B, UC Irvine - There is a very good chance they take Wright off the board, but there was more talk about possible deal-making here than anyplace else. Hiura leads a group of targets that includes high school first baseman Nick Pratto and high school outfielder Tristen Lutz. Virginia outfielder Adam Haseley remains in the mix, and some like high school right-hander Shane Baz.

Callis: Keston Hiura, OF/2B, UC Irvine - Atlanta wouldn't pass on McKay or Lewis. They could take Vanderbilt right-hander Kyle Wright, the last of the consensus top-five prospects remaining in this scenario, but are more likely to seek a discount so they could spend more money on later selections. Hiura, North Carolina prep outfielder Austin Beck and Pratto are the primary targets for deals.

6. Athletics

Mayo: Austin Beck, OF, North Davidson HS (Lexington, N.C.) - This could come down to a choice between Wright and Beck, a high school outfielder with tools aplenty. For now, I'm sticking with the prepster.

Callis: Kyle Wright, RHP, Vanderbilt - Like last year with A.J. Puk, Oakland would be thrilled to see a college pitcher considered a potential No. 1 overall pick fall to No. 6. There's nothing wrong with Wright, my projected No. 1 choice in my previous first-round projection from Thursday. He's just not going to be the most preferred player available for the five teams in front of the A's. If the five best prospects go with the top five picks, they'd pick between Beck and Hiura.

7. D-backs

Mayo: Kyle Wright, RHP, Vanderbilt - The D-backs probably didn't think Wright would be available for them at No. 7, but if he is, they'd have to strongly consider it. They still like Pavin Smith and Haseley from Virginia.

Callis: Pavin Smith, 1B, Virginia - If both Tampa Bay and Atlanta seek discounts, then the D-backs would gladly take one of the consensus fab five. Otherwise, they'll likely choose between a pair of Virginia positions players, with Smith gaining an edge over Haseley.

8. Phillies

Mayo: Pavin Smith, 1B, Virginia - If Smith goes above them, they could turn to Haseley. Smith reportedly had an impressive workout with the Phillies recently.

Callis: Adam Haseley, OF, Virginia - Philadelphia seems destined to wind up with a collegian, Smith or Haseley if it wants a bat or Florida right-hander Alex Faedo if it desires an arm. If the Phillies go the high school route, Texas right-hander Shane Baz is the leading contender.

9. Brewers

Mayo: Jo Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Louisville, Ky.) - There's been a lot of talk about high school bats here, and Adell fits that description for sure, and they'd be interested in Beck should he get here. Florida right-hander Alex Faedo is in the mix as well, as is the oft-mentioned Haseley.

Callis: Austin Beck, OF, North Davidson HS (Lexington, N.C.) - Milwaukee likes to collect athletic high school outfielders, and Beck and Kentucky prepster Jo Adell are exciting athletes. The Brewers also could look at prep left-handers D.L. Hall (Georgia) and Trevor Rogers (New Mexico) or collegians Haseley or Faedo.

10. Angels

Mayo: Adam Haseley, OF, Virginia - The Angels had been mentioned with Adell quite a bit all spring but he's off the board, and the team that went with Matt Thaiss in 2016 would be happy to go back to Virginia if Haseley is still available.

Callis: Alex Faedo, RHP, Florida - Los Angeles has several potential college options: the Virginia hitters, Faedo and North Carolina right-hander J.B. Bukauskas, who's sliding a bit after a poor start against Davidson in the NCAA regionals. The Angels also have been linked to Adell.

11. White Sox

Mayo: J.B. Bukauskas, RHP, North Carolina - Many figured Bukauskas would go in the top 10, but a rough regional start may have dinged him just enough to get him down to Chicago, which likes college arms when possible.

Callis: J.B. Bukauskas, RHP, North Carolina - Barring an unexpected slide, Chicago figures to choose between Bukauskas, Beck, Kentucky first baseman Evan White and Missouri State third baseman Jake Burger.

12. Pirates

Mayo: Jeren Kendall, OF, Vanderbilt - The Pirates could go in a number of directions with a college bat like Kendall, a high school arm like Baz or lefty Trevor Rogers or a college arm like Faedo.

Callis: Shane Baz, RHP, Concordia Lutheran HS (Tomball, Texas) - This is probably the floor for Baz, who gets mentioned as high as the Padres (No. 3) and Braves (No. 5). Bukauskas and Vanderbilt outfielder Jeren Kendall, who once projected as easy top-10 selections, could factor here as well.

13. Marlins

Mayo: Shane Baz, RHP, Concordia Lutheran HS (Tomball, Texas) - Baz has a strong commitment to TCU, but most feel if he goes early enough, he'll sign. There's a chance he could go higher than this, in which case the Marlins could turn their sights to Rogers.

Callis: Jo Adell, OF, Ballard HS (Louisville, Ky.) - If not Adell, who would immediately become the best position prospect in Miami's system, the Marlins could go for another left-hander after taking prepster Braxton Garrett at No. 7 last year. Rogers, Hall and Oregon left-hander David Peterson are attractive southpaws.

14. Royals

Mayo: Trevor Rogers, LHP, Carlsbad (N.M.) HS - The Royals have been associated with a number of high school arms with this pick, including Baz and another high school lefty, D.L. Hall.

Callis: Trevor Rogers, LHP, Carlsbad (N.M.) HS - Kansas City has been associated mostly with college bats (Kendall, White, Burger) and high school arms (Baz, Rogers, Hall). Thompson has suitors in the mid-teens, including the Royals.

15. Astros

Mayo: Jake Burger, 3B, Missouri State - The Astros could take Kentucky first baseman Evan White, but seem to prefer Burger's power. If they wanted to go college arm, David Peterson could be in play.

Callis: Jeren Kendall, OF, Vanderbilt - If someone like Baz or Beck or one of the college pitchers doesn't drop into its lap, Houston will mull Kendall, Burger, Hall and California high school first baseman Nick Pratto.

16. Yankees

Mayo: Nick Pratto, 1B, Huntington Beach (Calif.) HS - Pratto could go ahead of the Yankees, and there's still the chance they'll decide to go after an arm like Peterson or Faedo.

Callis: Nick Pratto, 1B, Huntington Beach (Calif.) HS - If the Draft plays out in this fashion, New York's leading candidates would be Pratto and left-hander David Peterson. The Yankees also have shown interest in Rogers, Adell and Hiura.

17. Mariners

Mayo: Alex Faedo, RHP, Florida - I've had nothing but college arms in this spot, and I see no reason to deviate from that path. The Mariners might be thrilled to see Faedo still be available at this point.

Callis: David Peterson, LHP, Oregon - The best guess for Seattle is a collegian such as Peterson, Burger, White, Hiura and North Carolina shortstop Logan Warmoth. High schoolers D.L. Hall and Pratto could be hard to pass up.

18. Tigers

Mayo: Seth Romero, LHP, No school - Warmoth is mentioned quite a bit in this spot and is a strong candidate to go here. Romero does have questionable makeup, but he does have the arm and stuff of a top 10 pick.

Callis: D.L. Hall, LHP, Valdosta (Ga.) HS - Detroit likes pitchers with strikeout stuff, and Hall qualifies and would be the top-ranked prospect left on the board. JC of Central Florida flamethrower Nate Pearson and Minnesota high school right-hander Sam Carlson are two more mound options. The Tigers will consider bats such as Pratto, Burger, Thompson and Georgia prep outfielder Drew Waters.

19. Giants

Mayo: David Peterson, LHP, Oregon - The Giants would take a long look at White, but there was some indication that they're looking at some left-handed pitching. Peterson pitched his way into the middle of the first round with his strong performance for Oregon.

Callis: Evan White, 1B, Kentucky - San Francisco is tied to several position players, including White, Adell, Thompson and Puerto Rican high school outfielder Heliot Ramos, who is surging into the middle of the first round.

20. Mets

Mayo: Nate Pearson, RHP, JC of Central Florida - Pearson made waves with a bullpen session in front of a ton of scouts, throwing consistently in the triple digits. The Mets could look at LSU ace Alex Lange or Hall if they wanted to go the high school route.

Callis: Nate Pearson, RHP, JC of Central Florida - If not Pearson, New York could grab Lange or Texas high school outfielder Tristen Lutz. Rumors are rampant that Lutz could take a discount somewhere earlier than this.

21. Orioles

Mayo: Logan Warmoth, SS, North Carolina - Warmoth could go ahead of here for sure, so the O's could turn to someone like White if they wanted to grab a college bat, which has been the direction I've gone in with each of my mocks.

Callis: Heliot Ramos, OF, Leadership Christian Academy, Guaynabo, P.R. - Besides Ramos, Baltimore also has scouted Warmoth and several Southeastern Conference players (White, Lange, Missouri right-hander Tanner Houck) heavily.

22. Blue Jays

Mayo: Evan White, 1B, Kentucky - There's been nothing but college talk with this pick. Warmoth, Burger and Hiura all have been mentioned at various times. But they'd be pleased if White, who has the athleticism to play center field, was available.

Callis: Logan Warmoth, SS, North Carolina - It's no secret that Toronto likes Pearson and Warmoth. The Blue Jays also might be the first club that could pluck college first basemen Gavin Sheets (Wake Forest) and Brent Rooker (Mississippi State).

23. Dodgers

Mayo: Tanner Houck, RHP, Missouri - Thompson's name has been mentioned here a ton, and he could be the choice if they went the toolsy high school route. But they have taken a fair share of college arms, particularly later in the first round, in recent years.

Callis: Bubba Thompson, OF, McGill-Toolen HS (Mobile, Ala.) - Warmoth and Thompson are the names bandied about the most with Los Angeles. Given how well 2015 first-rounder Walker Buehler has bounced back from Tommy John surgery, the Dodgers could go for another SEC right-hander who just had his elbow reconstructed in South Carolina's Clarke Schmidt.

24. Red Sox

Mayo: Bubba Thompson, OF, McGill-Toolen HS (Mobile, Ala.) - There was a lot of college talk here, but most of the college bats are off the board. Thompson's tools could be gone, too, but the Red Sox would have to be interested if he was still on the board.

Callis: Jake Burger, 3B, Missouri State - Burger, who has the most usable power in the Draft, would be a nice get for Boston. The Red Sox seem destined to wind up with a hitter and could be hoping White, Hiura and Ramos might fall to No. 24.

25. Nationals

Mayo: Alex Lange, RHP, Louisiana State - This might be the too-easy "best Boras-advised player to the Nats" cop out, but so be it. Lange has a long track record of missing bats for one of the best college programs in the country.

Callis: Seth Romero, LHP, dismissed from Houston - Given GM Mike Rizzo's history of taking Boras Corp. players, other teams have considered Washington the favorite to gamble on Romero, a top-10 talent who was suspended and dismissed by Houston. Lange and California prepster Hagen Danner (as a pitcher rather than catcher) are two other possibilities.

26. Rangers

Mayo: D.L. Hall, LHP, Valdosta (Ga.) HS - It's hard to believe that Hall lasts this long, with many teams above sure to have interest. He's one of the better high school lefties in the class.

Callis: Tristen Lutz, OF, Martin HS (Arlington, Texas) - Lutz is a natural fit for Texas as a local product with a huge power upside.

27. Cubs

Mayo: Nick Allen, SS, Parker HS (San Diego) - I've had Allen in this spot pretty much from the get-go and I see no reason to change course now.

Callis: Tanner Houck, RHP, Missouri - Chicago needs pitching much more than hitting and could grab two college arms with its multiple first-rounders. Coming into the year, the Cubs wouldn't have expected a shot at Houck, who originally projected as a top-10 selection.

28. Blue Jays (Compensation pick for Encarnacion signing with the Indians)

Mayo: Gavin Sheets, 1B, Wake Forest - There was some late buzz about Sheets, who had a tremendous year for Wake Forest this season, in this spot and it fits the aforementioned Blue Jays affinity for college bats.

Callis: Sam Carlson, RHP, Burnsville (Minn.) HS - Carlson could be a steal here, dropping into the 20s only because teams believe high school right-handers carry an increased injury risk.

29. Rangers (Compensation pick for Desmond signing with the Rockies)

Mayo: Tristen Lutz, OF, Martin HS (Arlington, Tex.) - Lutz's name started to filter upwards into the top half of the first round in potential deals, but this seems like a more reasonable spot for him and the Rangers do like taking players in their own back yard.

Callis: Steven Jennings, RHP, Dekalb County HS (Smithville, Tenn.) - A star quarterback who blew out a knee during the fall, Jennings returned quickly and better than expected, showing the potential for a plus fastball/slider combinaton.

30. Cubs (Compensation pick for Fowler signing with the Cardinals)

Mayo: Sam Carlson, RHP, Burnsville (Minn.) - Carlson is one of those high school arms who could go much higher based on talent, but could settle down to the bottom of the round as prep right-handers often do.

Callis: Drew Rasmussen, RHP, Oregon State - Rasmussen also has come back nicely this spring, hitting 98 mph after having Tommy John surgery in March 2016. If Chicago wants a position player, it could snag California high school shortstop Nick Allen, the Draft's top defender.