Mookie Betts' doorbell rings at 2 a.m. Who's out there?

Dodgers star all laughs while mic'd up on Sunday Night Baseball

September 5th, 2022

"Let me have your eyes, and I'll give you my bat."

When you mic up Dodgers superstar right fielder Mookie Betts, you never know where the conversation will go, but you know it's going to be entertaining.

On ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball game between the Dodgers and Padres in Los Angeles, the end of Betts' time with the mic was as great as what came before it -- he found Juan Soto as he jogged in when the top of the fifth inning ended and asked Soto for his incredible eye at the plate.

"I need you to show me how to hit!" Soto replied with a big smile.

If you found it hard to believe Betts would need help with his plate discipline, you certainly will find it hard to fathom Soto needing a better eye at the dish, even if Soto's statement was clearly tongue-in-cheek.

ESPN's Karl Ravech, Eduardo Pérez and David Cone chatted with Betts in the fifth inning about everything from what books he's been reading to how often he gets out to the bowling alley to whom he pals around with in L.A. -- let's just say Mookie rolls with some pretty famous company, and he refuses to play one-on-one against NBA star Chris Paul. And while many of us have been known to get random late-night visits from our friends, chances are it's not the rapper Nelly at our doorsteps.

There was also the question of which Dodger needs a fashion makeover the most. Betts elected to "phone a friend" during a pitching change, walking over to center field where he met with teammates Cody Bellinger and Joey Gallo.

"Hey, Belli," Betts said. "I was thinking you. The answer is you. But which guy on our team could use a fashion makeover?"

With Bellinger's help, the consensus among all three outfielders was Chris Taylor.

How about best singer? The answer was Hanser -- Hanser Alberto, that is.

After a wide-ranging interview, Betts told the world how he felt about Los Angeles. And anyone who was in L.A. on Sunday could certainly relate, especially to the last part.

"I definitely do love it here, man," Betts said. "Other than this heat wave, which has been kind of ridiculous, this has been kind of the best time of my life."