Do you even lift? Mookie has fun at Adames' expense

August 17th, 2022

For a long moment on Tuesday, the home faithful at American Family Field thought that  had given the Brewers a late lead over the Dodgers. Based on his reaction, Adames believed he had, too.

Unfortunately for both parties, the long fly ball Adames hit was caught, without much fanfare, by , who, on his way back to the dugout, provided some light ribbing.

As the two players crossed paths in the infield, Betts gestured for Adames to do some more weightlifting. Adames, ever the good sport, mimed a few bicep curls before appearing to tell Betts that despite the outcome, he had thought he'd gotten all of it. A fair point, considering that the two-run homer Adames hit in the first inning, to a deeper part of right-center field, had cleared the fence with a lower exit velocity and shorter hang time.

While a home run might have shortened the evening for both clubs -- the 3-3 tie held up into extra innings, until the Brewers won it on Victor Caratini's walk-off single in the 11th -- it also may have cost the two opponents a bonding moment. It's the little things, right?