Latest catch brings 1st 'Mookie!' chants of '20

Even Mookie loves it

October 25th, 2020

Mookie Betts has taken over the postseason. The outfielder has been so spectacular all October that we are in the middle of arguing if the right fielder has now passed Mike Trout as the best player in the sport. His play has been superb, his smile -- as described by FOX announcer Joe Buck -- is "infectious." His bat has come up big when the Dodgers needed it, and his glove has proved that right field is a "No pass" zone for baseballs.

Well, guess what? Betts robbed another player of a base hit. In the bottom of the second in World Series Game 4 on Saturday night, the Rays' Brandon Lowe smashed a liner to right field. Betts, a positively-normal-human-being-sized-five-foot-nine, showed some immense hops as he got up and snagged the baseball:

It was as difficult a catch as it looked, too:

That wasn't all: With fans in the stands for the World Series, it also meant that we're getting to hear some of the first cheers this season. After this latest grab, the very first "Mookie!" chants of the year broke out.

Betts may have tried to hide it, to pretend that the crowd doesn't really affect him, but he couldn't. As the cheers reverberated throughout Globe Life Field, the outfielder couldn't help but reveal a coy smile.