If you win in KBO, you get a massive sword

Every title should be celebrated with a sword

November 24th, 2020

Listen, anytime you win a championship and get a big trophy, it's cool.

Baseball has pennants of every team, basketball has a ball, hockey has a cup you can drink out of and football has a football. But what if, instead, a team won the title and just got something totally wild and unrelated to the sport they were playing? Just an awesome symbol of power and dominance. Like, say, a giant emerald sword.

That's what the NC Dinos were honored with after winning the Korean Series on Tuesday.

It's like in a video game when you beat the final boss and you take his sword from him. Funny enough, the sword does have video game origins. NCSoft, the Dinos' parent company, makes mobile games and its most popular is called Lineage. One of the prized possessions in that game is the "Execution Sword." NCSoft decided to make a replica for the team if they won the championship. It's fair to say the players couldn't be more excited about it.