NLCS Game 4: Baez, Contreras postgame interview

October 19th, 2017

Q. Javy, can you talk about how the players meeting today might have helped loosen up you guys, and also give you some real direction going into this elimination game?
JAVIER BAEZ: Well, you know what's funny that everybody thinks that we did something different today because we went to the old locker room. To be honest, I was surprised that I saw that. I've never been up there. But we really didn't do anything. We stretched like we normally do. We talk inside of the old clubhouse, and that was it, really.
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Q. How does it feel to get this win, and how do you look at the situation going forward?
JAVIER BAEZ: Great to have this win, because if not we were going home tomorrow. But I feel like we're still not on track as a team. But I think if we get back on track, everybody as a team, we're going to be the best again.
Q. How much of a weight off your shoulders was hitting those two home runs tonight after the start you got off to win the Championship Series here?
JAVIER BAEZ: A lot, a lot. Since the series before I've been trying to get a base hit so hard. Tonight I just said to myself not to try too much, and I didn't, and there you have it. I had two good contacts and win the game by one run.
Q. With all that's been going on in Puerto Rico, how hard has it been to focus on your swing, on the game here?
JAVIER BAEZ: Really tough, man. Before the playoffs, I was so ready to go home because my whole family was over there. Finally got to bring my mom here. But still my whole family's over there in the hard situation. It's hard. It's hard to keep that away, but we've got to take care of business. After this season is over, I will go home and help my people.
Q. Just how rough had that 0-for-20 stretch been for you on just an emotional level?
JAVIER BAEZ: You know, I think the first 15 ABs were kind of frustrating for me. And then I was like I just need to take a step back and see what's going on. I've been watching videos, and after my 15th AB, I was feeling better, even that I didn't get a knock or a good contact. But my timing was feeling good.

Q. Javy and Willson, what were your guys' reactions to Joe going out and voicing his displeasure with the umpires?
JAVIER BAEZ: He's got to do his job, you know? Obviously turning a play like that that could have turned the game around, he was just trying his best to get that out because it was obviously out. The umpires didn't really see it, but you can't do nothing about it.
WILLSON CONTRERAS: For me that wasn't the right thing to do right there. It was clear that he swung the bat at the baseball and he didn't make contact. I don't know why they returned the call, but the ball never lies. So he struck out the next pitch, and that showed how important this game was for us.

Q. Again, for both guys, I guess, tomorrow you face Kershaw. Thoughts on going against him, and does it help that you beat him in the clincher here last year?
JAVIER BAEZ: Well, we've just got to make him throw the ball over the plate. We know what he's got. We know that he's one of the best pitchers in MLB. But we faced him a lot during the season, during the playoffs last year. My adjustment is to just get him in the zone and make him pay for his mistakes.
WILLSON CONTRERAS: It should be our plan to just get him to throw the ball around the zone and not chase his pitches. Just be patient when we need to. But I'm sure, and I know that Javy, we are sure that we're going to come tomorrow and we're going to do our job. You know what? Whatever happens, happens. But we are a tough team to lose.
Q. Willson, how did you think Jake threw the ball tonight?
WILLSON CONTRERAS: He was good. The first few innings he threw a lot of pitches. His sinker was moving so much, and then after that he was able to make the adjustment that got us through six. Especially in that inning where he had men on bases, he worked his way out of there.
Q. Joe said the umpires told him they heard two sounds. They didn't see any change on the ball on that play where he was dejected. Did you hear the two sounds that they were talking about?
WILLSON CONTRERAS: The fans were too loud to hear a sound. I didn't hear anything, to be honest. When you're in that situation, you're not able to hear anything. You're just able to keep your mind on the game and to keep your emotions on the same level. To me, after I saw the replay, he never touched the ball. But like I said before, I don't know why they overturned the call, but the ball never lies.