Oct. 10 John Farrell pregame interview

October 10th, 2016

Q. Can you look ahead to tomorrow and talk about pitching Porcello?

JOHN FARRELL: You know, I think our mindset is not to look beyond today. We get there tomorrow, Rick is the starter. He's been extremely successful here in Fenway Park and hasn't gone the 10 to 12 days in between starts as Eddie has. So that's the plan tomorrow, provided we get there.

Q. Speaking of not looking past today, do you think that additional day was beneficial for the players?

JOHN FARRELL: I think we had a day to reflect on what took place over in Cleveland. I don't think we played to our capabilities by any means, particularly Game 2. And if there's a chance to press the reset button, that would be the workout day here when we returned, and then the pregame prep that we went through yesterday.

But still, our guys are very much aware of what's in front of us. So it's all hands on deck, and we move forward.

Q. Considering all that's on the line today, how important is it that this game is being played at Fenway tonight?

JOHN FARRELL: I think any team is looking forward to getting in their home ballpark. And we're certainly that team today. To get back energized by our home crowd, our home fans, how this team has played in Fenway, the way our offense has been able to take advantage of certain things here. So we're certainly looking forward to tonight.

Q. From what you've seen over your experience, what's the difference between having that sense of urgency, backs to the wall, yet being relaxed and playing your game?

JOHN FARRELL: You know, that's one of the things we talked about the other day, what's transpired through the first two games is behind us. All that the focus remains is on yesterday being today or tomorrow, that's where we are today. Today is the focus. We can't go back. You can almost look at it like there's a little bit of a freedom in the fact that there is no tomorrow. So let it all hang out. Trust your abilities, remember who we are as individual players and as a team and play with that freedom and that aggression.

Q. Can you talk about a little bit.

JOHN FARRELL: Well, he's probably the best left-handed reliever in baseball now. I'm sure there are some people in Chicago that might disagree with that. But he's a tremendous weapon when you've got flexibility to use him at any point in the game. We know him personally for the time that he spent here, how he's revolved as a reliever. Hopefully the game doesn't present itself where he's on the mound.