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Oct. 11 Trea Turner pregame interview

October 11, 2016

Q. What did you guys learn -- what did you learn in particular about Clayton Kershaw in Game 1?TREA TURNER: He's good. Personally for me, I watched him on TV a bunch, and to get in the box and have to face him was no different.But I think we did

Q. What did you guys learn -- what did you learn in particular about Clayton Kershaw in Game 1?

TREA TURNER: He's good. Personally for me, I watched him on TV a bunch, and to get in the box and have to face him was no different.
But I think we did a good job last game. We made him throw a lot of pitches. Grinded out at-bats. Made it really tough on him. You know, scoring three runs off him was pretty good. If we can do that again today, I think that gives us a shot.
Q. What about the curveball makes it so tough?

TREA TURNER: Him and Rich Hill both get a lot of downward action on that curveball. You see it fine and you think it's going to get there, and it kind of never does, and if it does, it's going down pretty hard. So it's just a matter of making sure you're in a good spot and seeing it up in the zone, because if it's down in the zone, it's going to be pretty tough to hit.
Q. This club has overcome the loss of Wilson Ramos. It's really been sort of a group effort, hasn't it, a group achievement, as opposed to one guy?

TREA TURNER: I think that's what baseball is. You know, every day could be a new hero. Watching Giants games, Gillaspie has been the hero and you've got World Series champions like Posey and Hunter Pence and guys like that on those teams.
That's what I expect, I expect it to be someone new every day. Yesterday J-Dub had a huge game, and he's always big postseasons in his past, and today may be somebody new. I think that's why you've got to battle and compete and fight for everything you can, because something could go your way.
Q. For a guy so young as you are, at least from above, it seems you're relaxed in everything you do. How are you, at such a young age, able to handle this scenario where usually young players do not do very good?

TREA TURNER: If you do the other way, or if you make everything a big deal, it speeds up on you and only gets worse.
I think I try to separate every single play, because like I said, if you're 0 for 3 with three Ks, the fourth at-bat could be the deciding factor whether you're team wins or not. You've got to forget that you've got the 3 Ks. That's kind of how I've approached the postseason and much of this season is what has happened doesn't matter at all, and whatever you can do now, do it, try to help your team win. I think that's the best way to succeed, and late in games, you know, late in series, that's what it takes.
Q. How much interaction did you have with Dave Roberts in the San Diego organization, and how much did he teach you about base stealing?

TREA TURNER: Not much. You know, I talked to him a little bit in spring training. I was in Big League spring training for a brief period of time, maybe a couple weeks. I remember having a conversation with him about base stealing. I think it was very brief. I wish I would have gotten a chance to talk to him more because you can always pick up something from those guys.
Each and every day, I learn something a little bit new from Davey, just the way he thinks, situational stuff. Sometimes it's technique.
I think Dave Roberts is the same way. He's a great guy and I enjoy talking to him and I enjoyed getting a chance to know him when I was over there. Kind of wish I could have done it more.
Q. Kind of a calmness in the clubhouse and in the dugout this season has moved on into the postseason for your team. Have you guys and the younger players felt that from Zimmerman and from Murphy and with Werth, some of the veterans, that you don't let the crowd affect you and you guys kind of follow them, their leadership, by example?

TREA TURNER: For sure. Those guys have been there. It's a matter of listening to them. I think a big part of that is Dusty. He's done a good job of keeping us relaxed. Obviously he wants to win. We all want to win. But at the same time, if you try too hard or stress out or whatever it may be, it's going to speed up on you and not go your way.
It's a combination of Zimmerman, Werth, Murphy from last year, and Dusty corralling everybody and letting everybody know that we are always in it no matter what, and I think that's relaxing in the sense that even if you're down by a few runs, it's not a big deal. Just continue doing what you've been doing all year and you've got a shot.