Unearthed footage of Patrick Mahomes in ... Phillies gear?

Is the Chiefs QB secretly a Philadelphia sports fan?

February 12th, 2023

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes will play in his third Super Bowl on Sunday, hoping to win the second championship of his already legendary career. The 27-year-old will have to face off against the favored Eagles, though, who've been one of the best teams all season long in the NFL. Even though we're pretty sure Mahomes wants nothing more than to blow out the Eagles and take the Lombardi Trophy back home to Kansas City, there have been some strange pro-Philadelphia signs popping up from the QB's past this week.

A 9-year-old Mahomes chose the Eagles to win the Super Bowl back in 2005, saying "The Eagles are a better team," and, today, some old baseball footage of Mahomes was unearthed. In the video, he's wearing, yes, a full Phillies uniform.

The clips are from the 2012 Texas Scouts North-South All-Star Game Showcase at Minute Maid Park. As you probably already know at this point, Mahomes -- the son of former Major Leaguer Pat Mahomes -- was a pretty good baseball player during his high school days. He threw 16-strikeout no-hitters and was actually picked by the Tigers in the 2014 Draft.

But why was the high-schooler wearing Phillies gear at this 2012 workout? Was that his favorite team? Is it STILL his favorite team? Does he secretly love all Philadelphia sports?


"As far as the jerseys go, it's just totally random," Reds scout and Texas Scouts president Paul Scott told me in a phone call. "We have two jerseys from every team and we just kind of match it up by size. I wish it was more interesting than that."

So yes, unfortunately, there is no real "Oh-yeah-we-gotcha-Patrick" story here. And I'm sure the Internet won't freak out and post this image everywhere saying anything different.