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Goldy answers fans' social-media questions

June 28, 2016

What's your favorite valley restaurant? -- sarahchestdaneilsun @sarahin2kGoldschmidt: My favorite restaurant is The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale. That's my favorite place to go. I think they have the best food, and the atmosphere is fun, but it's definitely the food that keeps me coming back. I've never had anything

What's your favorite valley restaurant?
-- sarahchestdaneilsun @sarahin2k

Goldschmidt: My favorite restaurant is The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale. That's my favorite place to go. I think they have the best food, and the atmosphere is fun, but it's definitely the food that keeps me coming back. I've never had anything there that wasn't amazing, but I go with the skirt steak tacos.
What is your favorite thing about Arizona?
-- Daniel Wilson @daniel24303

Goldschmidt: There are a lot of great things living here. In the offseason it's great, you can be outside all the time with the weather. It's tough with these summer months, but there is so much to do with hiking outdoors, playing golf, swimming, nearby cities like Flagstaff or even nearby states. On the road, we try and get out when we can, but a lot depends on how close things are and how much time we have. Obviously we prioritize baseball first, rest and getting to the park, but if we have free time, I like to get up early and get out and walk around.
How is it juggling fatherhood and beaseball for the first time?
-- Justin Barnes @juttleb

Goldschmidt: It's definitely a lot more work at home now, so I don't have as much free time. Walking into the clubhouse, it's no different, of course. But when I'm home, it's different. My wife has been awesome handling things at home. We have some more help, too, but this is what everyone goes through when they have a baby.

Do the players care about batting orders as much as the fans do?
-- Bill Helm @BillHelm42

Goldschmidt: Actually, no, the players don't care. It doesn't matter if you're hitting first, fifth or wherever. When you step into the batter's box, it doesn't matter to us. I actually didn't know the fans thought about it that much. As long as our names are in the lineup, we're happy.
What's the prettiest MLB ballpark besides Chase Field?
-- Jesse Ortiz @JesseOrtiz3229

Goldschmidt: I'd say San Francisco. The way AT&T Park is right on the water, it really has an old-school feel. The bullpens are right down on the field, too, which is rare for the newer stadiums. It's great they were able to combine new ideas with old in terms of what they wanted in a ballpark -- all right on the water.
Roof open or closed? Which do you prefer?
-- McCueArbonneAdvisor @McCueArbonne

Goldschmidt: I definitely like having the roof open. It feels more like a real baseball game when you aren't always playing indoors. Growing up, I never played baseball indoors, so playing outside seems more natural to me and more like real baseball. Here with the roof open, sometimes the ball will carry more. But I think the wind is going from left-center to right-center, so that will knock the ball down a bit. But I'm always open to them opening the roof. Hopefully the fans feel the same way. I wish they would do it more.

How does it feel to know that thousands of people of all ages look up to you?
-- liliana @toxicamzzz

Goldschmidt: I looked up to a lot of MLB players when I was growing up, too, so I just want to set the best example I can for kids that are watching me play. I make mistakes out there. Nobody's perfect, but I definitely try to do my best knowing people are watching and looking up to me. For those who emulate me, that's always in the back of my mind out on the field and off it, too.
What's your favorite ballpark to hit at besides Chase Field?
-- Daniel Wilson @daniel24303

Goldschmidt: I've done well at Milwaukee, but wherever guys play best is their favorite on the road. If I suddenly play terrible there, I'll have to change my answer (laughs).
Is there a story behind your batting gloves? I feel like you've had them for years.
-- Darryl Anderson @DarrylJay2

Goldschmidt: Most of my equipment is used until it gives out. It carries on the tradition of time in college or the Minor Leagues where you weren't given a bunch of free equipment. It was stuff you bought on your own. When I got called up, I didn't want to change that. Respect the equipment you have. Some people don't have any. For me, I use them until they break or are unusable. Then I'll make a change.
What's your favorite food when you're on the road?
-- Daniel Wilson @daniel24303

Goldschmidt: My favorite overall food is hamburger, but on the road, we mainly go out for breakfast at a local spot. I love coffee, so that works, too. I try and go to a place that's not a chain, if I can, otherwise I stick to regular coffee.

Are you excited that another Texas State alum (2016 Draft pick Tanner Hill) was drafted by the D-backs?
-- Diego Patino @Papino_5

Goldschmidt: First off, anyone who gets drafted ... that is pretty cool. Very happy for him. Texas State has had some good guys in the big leagues. Hopefully we'll have another one here in Arizona.
Why do you wear No. 44?
-- Nick Pecora @NickPecora_

Goldschmidt: It was the number they gave me. When I was first called up, I was not in a position to request a certain number, so I wore that. I was just happy to have my own jersey in the big leagues.

Josh Greene is the director of publications for the Arizona Diamondbacks.