Podcast: Looking ahead to Fall Stars Game, 2024 Draft

November 1st, 2023

With the World Series heating up and the Fall League rounding its final lap, Arizona is at the center of the baseball world. Continuing with this trend, Jonathan Mayo, Jason Ratliff, and Jim Callis begin this week's Pipeline Podcast delving into the upcoming Fall Stars Game and the prospects they’re hoping will make appearances, including the Tigers' Jace Jung (MLB No. 67), the Guardians' Kyle Manzardo (MLB No. 58), Victor Scott II (STL No. 4) and more.

Mayo follows that up with a sitdown interview in Glendale, Arizona, where he catches up with top White Sox prospect Colson Montgomery (MLB No. 17). They discuss his fall performance as well as the Major League comparison recently made between him and Texas Rangers slugger Corey Seager.

From there, Callis and Mayo peek over the horizon at the 2024 MLB Draft with their top 20 college and high school prospect lists before conducting their own 10-player mock draft.

The crew closes out this week's edition by continuing the Draft conversation with a mailbag question.

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