All-Star Futures Game predictions: MVP, HR Derby, Skills Showcase

July 11th, 2024

The most anticipated week of the prospect calendar is finally here.

The All-Star Futures Game is just four days away and the MLB Draft is right on its heels; not only that, but this year the festivities include more than the typical American League vs. National League prospect showdown. It will feature a brand-new skills showcase event tailored to spotlight MLB’s top prospects in their element.

For these challenges, there are four prospects – Roman Anthony (MLB No. 14), Brady House (MLB No. 44), Moises Ballesteros (MLB No. 60) and Tre’ Morgan (TB No. 13) -- who will be competing, but not playing in the game itself. They are joined by a crop of four additional participants – Sebastian Walcott (MLB No. 72), Termarr Johnson (MLB No. 76), Cam Collier (MLB No. 84) and Samuel Basallo (MLB No. 12).

  • All-Star Futures Game, Saturday 4 p.m. ET on MLB Network, MLB.TV, and the MLB App

The Futures Skills Showcase will consist of three events and be aired on tape delay at 10 a.m. ET (9 a.m. CT) on Sunday, July 14, on MLB Network as well as on MLB.TV, and in the MLB App.

The skills challenges add a new wrinkle to the Futures Game, but they’re not the first competition-like event to be held among the players. For years, pregame batting practice has served as an “unofficial” Home Run Derby of sorts, with prospects displaying their raw power in front of scouts and their peers. Naturally, our prospect gurus have gotten in on the action, drafting their unofficial BP derby squads for the past three years.

This year, that draft got a facelift. On the latest Pipeline Podcast, Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo took part in the ultimate Futures Game prediction draft, selecting teams for the BP Home Run Derby and the Skills Showcase, as well as taking stabs at what the final score of the Futures Game will be and who will win MVP.

All-Star Futures Game outcome and MVP predictions

Callis: 3-0 National League; MVP Aidan Miller, SS, Phillies (MLB No. 27)
"I think he's going to hit a two-run double ... and you know he's a big-game performer."

Mayo: 6-3 National League; MVP Bryce Eldridge, 1B, Giants (MLB No. 70)
"He is going to homer twice."

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BP Home Run Derby draft

For the past three years, Callis and Mayo have picked four-player teams to track during batting practice before the Futures Game. The winner is whichever team has more total jacks between the four players. Currently, Mayo leads 2-1 after winning in 2023.

Previous drafts: 2023 | 2022 | 2021

1. Callis - Colson Montgomery, SS, White Sox (MLB No. 16) -- replacement for Owen Caissie
2. Mayo - Xavier Isaac, 1B, Rays (MLB No. 31)
3. Mayo - Aidan Miller, SS, Phillies (MLB No. 27)
4. Callis - Bryce Eldridge, 1B, Giants (MLB No. 70)
5. Callis - Spencer Jones, OF, Yankees (MLB No. 74)
6. Mayo - Samuel Basallo, C, Orioles (MLB No. 12)
7. Mayo - Max Clark, OF, Tigers (MLB No. 10)
8. Callis - Deyvison De Los Santos, 1B/3B, D-backs (No. 14)

Future Skills Showcase draft

The Future Skills Showcase will consist of three challenges -- Hit it Here, Call Your Shot and Swing for the Fences.

Hit it Here: There will be several targets placed on the field, including bunting targets. Hitters will have 10 swings to earn points based on each target’s value. There will be obstacles representing infielders' traditional starting positions placed on the infield dirt to add a degree of difficulty. Hitters get points for reaching outfield targets on the fly or on a bounce and they earn points by landing the ball on the bunt target.

Call Your Shot: Players will “call their shot” while taking 10 swings to left, center and right. Hitters initially can pick any field to hit the ball to. If successful, then they choose one of the two remaining fields, moving on to the last field once they’re successful with the second one. Once all three fields have been hit, the player can call his shot to any field with any remaining swings. Six points are earned for each successful swing, with hitters needing to clear the infield for it to count.

Swing for the Fences: This one is like an upgraded version of a Home Run Derby. The points for the home runs are weighted: six points for pull-side or center-field home runs; 12 points for any opposite-field shots. If a hitter goes deep on consecutive swings, he’ll get an additional six-point streak bonus. If he hits more than two in a row, every home run in the streak will get the six-point bonus.

1. Mayo - Moises Ballesteros, C, Cubs (MLB No. 60)
2. Callis - Roman Anthony, OF, Red Sox (MLB No. 14)
3. Callis - Samuel Basallo, C, O's (MLB No. 12)
4. Mayo - Termarr Johnson, 2B, Pirates (MLB No. 76)
5. Mayo - Brady House, 3B, Nationals (MLB No. 44)
6. Callis - Sebastian Walcott, SS, Rangers (MLB No. 72)
7. Callis - Cam Collier, 3B, Reds (MLB No. 84)
8. Mayo - Tre’ Morgan, 1B, Rays (No. 13)