Mom always 'ultra supportive' of Kuhl

May 14th, 2017
Chad Kuhl said his mom, Wendy, was "ultra supportive and always there," attending his games as a kid. (Chad Kuhl)

Wendy Kuhl has always been the biggest fan of Pirates starter -- and certainly the loudest, Kuhl joked. Kuhl described his mother as "ultra supportive and always there," attending all of his games as a kid.

At times, she had to balance Kuhl's baseball games with his sister Courtney's softball games. When they played at the same time in high school, Kuhl said, Wendy would sit between the two fields and watch both games.

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"She was the loudest one in the bleachers, I can say. It's funny. To this day, there's some games where I hear the, 'Woo hoo!' That's her trademark thing," Kuhl said. "I can hear it. Vivid memories of Little League all the way up to pro ball, where I could hear my mom. I always know that's her if I get a big strikeout or something like that. She was always super supportive."