Pirates pay homage to a baseball legend

August 5th, 2022

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Prior to Wednesday’s 8-7 win over the Brewers, Pirates manager Derek Shelton and director of sports medicine Todd Tomczyk, who spent more than a decade with the Dodgers, took a moment to recognize the life and legacy of the late Vin Scully. Here are Shelton and Tomczyk’s odes to Scully:


“For me personally, being 52 years old, that’s the voice of my childhood, because back then, we didn’t have games on TV every night. And it wasn’t just baseball. It was everything. I was asked earlier what’s the thing that stands out [as the] most iconic [moment], and for me, it’s [Joe] Montana to [Dwight] Clark.

“It’s just the voice of my childhood and last night, when they started to show it, it makes you reminisce. I was talking to [Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown] about it earlier. The only time I was able to meet him was at Dodger Stadium when I was a really young coach working for the Indians. Eric Wedge, who was the manager, and Carl Willis, who was the pitching coach, and I got on the elevator. We went down a floor and he got on. The doors opened and it was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s Vin Scully.’ To able to talk to him... he was an icon. Very sad day for baseball.”


“We lost an icon. That goes without saying. I had the distinct opportunity to spend a little bit of time with Vin Scully when I was with the Dodgers. If there were more Vin Scullys in this world, the world would be a better place. ... It’s a sad day in the world, a sad day in baseball.”