Cure your winter blues with HR Derby at beach

January 6th, 2020

Any home run that hits a landmark or lands somewhere unusual is automatically cool. Anyone who watched the 1993 Home Run Derby remembers Ken Griffey Jr. hitting the warehouse beyond the right-field fence at Camden Yards. Bartolo Colon's home run at Petco Park was an instant classic in its own right, but, when it clanked off the left-field warehouse, it immediately became a contender for greatest home run of all time.

In addition to homers that hit cool stuff, any dinger that lands in a body of water is cool. Anytime a ball lands in McCovey Cove in San Francisco or in the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, it's a must-see highlight. There's just something uniquely satisfying about seeing a ball create a splash in water.

Over the weekend, a bunch of the best young players in baseball gathered in the Bahamas for the sole purpose of hitting a bunch of baseballs into a large body of water. That's right, they had a Home Run Derby on the beach!

This wasn't just some routine pick-up event either. They played with a red ball so players wouldn't lose sight of it against the ocean's horizon. There was a winner: Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson. Additionally, these guys went all out with everything from custom jerseys to tropical-themed shoes.

Obviously, this was a sight to see. It's not surprising, then, that some excited kids were compelled to sneak into the event to get a view of all these balls flying out to sea. Unfortunately, a couple of them were caught on camera confessing to the deed. Luckily for them, Bo Bichette wasn't going to let them get kicked out.

If this kid is as smooth on the field as he is at getting away with sneaking into events like these, he should have a bright future ahead of him. Maybe a decade or so down the road, he'll be the beach Home Run Derby champion.