Watch people play catch while skydiving

The most thrilling game of catch ever?

January 30th, 2020

Few things are more relaxing on a summer evening than heading outside for a game of catch with a friend or group of buddies. The act of throwing and catching quickly becomes secondary to the conversation being had, and depending on the particular evening, the beauty of the weather.

It turns out that not all games of catch are quite like that. When you insert such a relaxing pastime into an adrenaline-pumping activity like skydiving, it's hard to imagine that the end product could be described as relaxing. It certainly doesn't look like a day at the spa:

To start, how did they even have the wherewithal to think that this was possible? Granted, I've never personally been skydiving, but I can imagine what would be going through my brain if I were to skydive: mostly, "please let this parachute work." Somewhere right near the bottom of my list of possible thoughts would be what it would be like to toss a baseball around.

Yet, here we are with two people playing catch while falling rapidly through the air, hurtling toward the hard and unforgiving surface of the earth. Not only are they playing, but they're succeeding in having a catch. The ball could quite literally go anywhere. An air current -- those are things up there, right? -- could sweep the ball away. It could just be thrown at a slightly wrong trajectory, and as the result of those things compounding over vast distances, end up in Idaho or something.

These skydivers appear to have avoided those misfortunes, and the result is as impressive as it is mesmerizing. One thing it surely is not, however, is relaxing.