Pulaski ends regular season with loss to Bluefield

Pulaski face Greeneville for the Appalachian League Championship on Monday

August 8th, 2021

The Pulaski River Turtles fell to the Bluefield Ridge Runners, 7-5, in their regular-season finale.

An RBI single by Tervell Johnson in the first put Bluefield up early and made it 1-0.

The first run for Pulaski came off the bat of Carter Lyles. The pitcher played first baseman tonight and he made his presence felt with a solo shot to make it 1-1 after four.

Bluefield took control of the game in the fifth inning. A three-run homer by Ewell and a solo home run from Spencer Rich Jr. would put Bluefield up 5-1 after five.

Bluefield (27-25) would add another run in the seventh after a walk with the bases loaded made it 6-1.

Pulaski (32-22) cut the lead in the eighth after a two-run moonshot from Cameron Leary and made the game 6-3 after eight.

Bluefield added an insurance run in the ninth with a Kendal Ewell solo shot to left-center field. The game would be 7-3 heading into the ninth.

Pulaski, of course, wouldn’t let the last night at Calfee Park for the 2021 season end without a little bit of drama. A two-run double by Jackson Beaman put them within two. Pulaski would find the game-tying run at the plate but couldn’t find a way to secure the win.

The win went to Shawn Runey as he pitched one inning striking out the side. The loss went to Ben Plumley who went two innings allowing three hits, four earned runs and two walks.

Pulaski will be traveling to Pioneer Park on Monday, August 9 to face the Greeneville Flyboys for the Appalachian League Championship.