Reynolds discusses free agency in Q&A

February 16th, 2018

Free-agent first baseman , who hit .267 with 30 home runs and 97 RBIs for the Rockies in 2017, recently spoke to about his free agent status from his home in Virginia. Considering the year you had in 2017, are you surprised that you are still on the free-agent market?
Reynolds: I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to come along and make the decision when the time comes. Right now, I've been able help my kids start baseball. I've been able to coach them a little bit. Being home this time of year has been kind of different for me, kind of a change of pace. It's kind of nice. Has the time away from baseball brought you closer to your family?
Reynolds: Yeah. Normally, I'm in Spring Training, so it has given us some more time together. I went to my son's first practice last night. I coached those kids up a little bit, have some fun. It took my mind off everything going on. It was nice. Why do you think you are still on the free-agent market?
Reynolds: I don't know. I don't have a specific answer for that. I do know that I'm in shape. I'm ready to play. I just need to get an opportunity. How have you kept in shape?
Reynolds: I've been working out since I got home in October. My buddy, Chad Tracy, has an indoor hitting cage. I've been hitting over there. I'm obviously not taking live pitching, but as far as my mechanics and my body, I'm good to go. How much would you like to go back to the Rockies?
Reynolds: It would be my first choice. It was a great situation. I was good there the last two years. It's something that I felt was a great fit. But I can't control what they are thinking. I played there to prove that I'm very capable of playing at that level. … But the Rockies are a good fit, and they are a playoff team and that's something I'm factoring in my decision as well. Something clicked with you and the Rockies. The last two seasons, it appeared you would come off the bench, but you saw a lot of playing time and you were productive. Why did it click with you and the Rockies?
Reynolds: There is a combination of things. Me, getting older, becoming more mature and understanding how other teams are trying to pitch me. Being younger, going up there and trying to hit homers and not having a concrete plan … I'm comfortable playing there [Coors Field]. I'm comfortable with the team. I'm comfortable with the coaches and manager. A lot of stuff factors in on how well you play. If you don't play baseball, what will you do?
Reynolds: Probably play a lot of golf. I will coach my kids. I have an 8- and a 6-year old and they are playing baseball. That will be a new experience for me and a fun one. I will go out there and help their team. As far as any other job, I would hang out and be a dad. What do you want people to know about Mark Reynolds the ballplayer?
Reynolds: My reputation around the league speaks for itself. I've talked to a lot of coaches and they are pulling for me to sign with their team. They say, they should give you a chance, you would fit in great. They are pitching me to the GMs. My reputation speaks for itself. I'm a good clubhouse guy, I keep things loose. When it's time to go on the field, I'm ready to go. There is nothing in particular I want to put out there. The main thing is, I'm ready to roll.