Arozarena's unreal October: 7 facts to know

October 25th, 2020

’s record-setting 2020 postseason run got even more stat-packed on Saturday in Game 4 of the World Series, when his fourth-inning home run set the record for a single postseason. Arozarena ended the night with three hits -- not to mention an eventful scamper home to score the game-winning run in the bottom of the ninth.

It’s been the Postseason of Arozarena, who seems to set records nightly. In fact, it’d almost be easier to write about the records he hasn’t tied or set this postseason -- but those wouldn’t be as fun to read about.

Here are 7 facts to know about Arozarena’s postseason so far.

1. Arozarena’s fourth-inning home run was his ninth of these playoffs, setting the record for a single postseason. He did it in his 18th game, so there is context worth noting, given that this postseason has more games than prior Octobers. The others to hit eight homers in a postseason were Corey Seager, who hit his eighth home run of the 2020 postseason for the Dodgers Saturday in his 16th postseason game; Nelson Cruz ('11), who hit his eighth in his 16th game of that postseason and played 17 total; Carlos Beltran (‘04), who hit his eighth in his ninth game and played 12 total; and Barry Bonds (‘02), who hit his eighth in his 16th game and played 17 games total.

In other words, Arozarena did get this record in a postseason with more games -- but at this point, his games played total is not significantly higher than the others he passed on the list.

2. Arozarena totaled three hits in Game 4, bringing his postseason total to 26. That tied Pablo Sandoval (2014) for the most hits in a single postseason. Sandoval played 17 games that postseason, so Arozarena is just one ahead of him with 18 through Game 4.

3. Arozarena’s three hits were also significant because it’s the fifth time he’s had three hits in a game this postseason. That’s the most three-hit games in a single postseason, breaking a tie with Jose Altuve (2017), Albert Pujols (‘04), Edgar Martinez and Jay Buhner (both 1995).

4. Arozarena had two singles and the aforementioned homer in Game 4, which also means his extra-base hits total is within record territory. He now has 13 extra-base hits this postseason, tied with Pujols (2011) and Cruz (‘10) for second-most in a single postseason. The only player with more was David Freese (‘11), who had 14.

5. Arozarena’s nine career postseason home runs are already tied with Evan Longoria for most in a postseason career by a Rays player. And this is just Arozarena’s first postseason in a Tampa Bay uniform.

6. Speaking of career numbers, Arozarena’s postseason career home run total is now one more than his regular-season total. He has nine postseason home runs in 23 career postseason games, including his postseason with the Cardinals in 2019. In the regular season? That’s right -- eight home runs, in 42 games.

7. There are other records he’s already left far in the dust, too -- like the most hits by a rookie in a single postseason. The prior record was 22, by Derek Jeter in 1996. And the most homers by a rookie in a single postseason, which had been Longoria (2008), with six. Not to mention his 58 total bases this postseason are now eight more than the prior record-holder: Freese had 50 in ‘11.