Rangers instructional league roster, schedule

September 15th, 2018

At the end of each season, Major League clubs hold instructional league play, commonly known as instructs, an extended mini-camp that allows Minor Leaguers -- particularly those just starting their pro careers at the lower levels of their team's system -- to get some work in before calling it a year. Players work on specific parts of their game and get offseason workout plans while often playing a handful of games against nearby teams to provide low-key competition to put what they are working on into practice.
Here's a look at the Rangers roster, with the players' rank in the team's Top 30 Prospects list in parentheses:
•  Callis on Rangers instructional league
Instructional league rosters
PITCHERS: AJ Alexy, RHP (No. 19); Reid Anderson, RHP; Joe Barlow, RHP; Hever Bueno, RHP; Jean Casanova, RHP; Emmanuel Clase, RHP; Hans Crouse, RHP (No. 5); Ryan Dease, RHP; Destin Dotson, LHP; Scott Engler, RHP; Mason Englert, RHP (No. 21); Alex Eubanks, RHP; Demarcus Evans, RHP; Chi Chi Gonzales, RHP; Kyle Keith, RHP; John King, LHP; Jake Latz, LHP; Michael Matuella, RHP; Daniel Robert, RHP; Wes Robertson, RHP; Yerry Rodriguez, RHP (No. 30); Wyatt Sparks, RHP; Tai Tiedemann, RHP; Cole Uvila, RHP; Owen White, RHP (No. 13); Cole Winn, RHP (No. 4); Dylan Bice, RHP; Time Brennan, RHP; Noah Buckholder, RHP; Juan Castillo, RHP; Sean Chandler, RHP; Orceli Gomez, RHP; Kelvin Gonzales, RHP; Ronny Henriquez, RHP; Rosmer Inojosa, RHP; George Janca, RHP; Joshua Javier, LHP; Theo McDowell, RHP; Abdiel Mendoza, RHP; Damian, RHP; Xavier Moore, RHP; Jeifry Nunez, RHP; Teodoro Ortega, RHP; Sergio Pacheco, RHP; Glen Richardson, RHP; Josh Smith, LHP; Nick Synder, RHP; Nick Starr, RHP; Leury Tajada, RHP; Ricky Vanasco, RHP; Grant Wolfram, LHP
CATCHERS: Sam Huff (No. 22), Melvin Novoa, Yohel Pozo, Matt Whatley, Isaias Quiroz, Francisco Ventura, David Garcia, Xavier Valentin, Jose Rodriguez, Heriberto Hernandez, Randy Florentino
INFIELDERS: Diosbel Arias, Jax Biggers, Brendon Davis (No. 28), Tyler Depreta-Johnson, Ryan Dorow, Yonny Hernandez, Tyreque Reed, Keyber Rodriguez, Chris Seis (No. 12), Anderson Tejada (No. 11), Curtis Terry, Sherten Apostel, Osleivis Basabe, Frainyer Chavez, Jayce Easley, Kole Enright, Kenan Irizarry, Jonah McReynolds, Jonathan Ornelas (No. 20), Keithron Moss, Yenci Pena, Fernando Valdez
OUTFIELDERS: Miguel Aparicio (No. 27), Pedro Gonzales (No. 18), JP Martinez, Leody Taveras (No. 1), Bubba Thompson (No. 10), Angel Aponte, Starling Joseph, Leuri Mejia, Alexander Ovalles, Obie Ricumstrict
Sat., Sept. 15 - Camp day
Sun., Sept. 16 - Camp day
Mon., Sept. 17 - Camp day
Tues., Sept. 18 - Camp day
Wed., Sept. 19 - Camp day
Thurs., Sept. 20 - vs. Padres
Fri., Sept. 21 - Camp day
Sat., Sept. 22 - vs. Padres
Mon., Sept. 24 - at Royals
Tues., Sept. 25 - at A's
Wed., Sept. 26 - vs. Brewers 
Fri., Sept. 28 - vs. Royals
Sat., Sept. 29 - vs. A's
Mon., Oct. 1 - vs. Royals
Tues., Oct. 2 - Camp day
Wed., Oct. 3 - at Reds
Thurs., Oct. 4 - at White Sox
Fri., Oct. 5 - vs. Italy
Sat., Oct. 6 - vs. Dodgers
Mon., Oct. 8 - at Royals
Tues., Oct. 9 - vs. Reds
Wed., Oct. 10 - at Reds
Thurs., Oct. 11 - vs. Royals
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