Mookie makes a splash ... with golf cart

February 15th, 2016

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Mookie Betts was back on the baseball field on Monday, looking far more natural at that than the misadventure he had with his golf cart a day earlier.
As it was documented on Sunday in a blooper-reel moment made for this age of social media, Betts lost his golf cart in the pond on Sunday.
Fortunately for Betts and the Red Sox, the outfielder was not in the cart when it made the splash heard 'round Fort Myers.
"I left my club on the last hole and I went back to get it, and I parked on a hill and thought I could push the brake, but it didn't' brake, obviously," said Betts. "I didn't push it all the way in, and I ran to get my club. And by the time I turned around, it was going in the pond. That's pretty much it."

Well, that and the fact that Betts needs a new cellphone.
"We got our wallets. Got our keys," said Betts. "Didn't' get our phones. We didn't really lose anything but our phones."
Travis Shaw and Deven Marrero were among the teammates who were with Betts during the accident.
"That was probably about the most helpless I've felt," Betts said. "There was nothing I could do. I couldn't pull it out."
How much does a golf cart cost?
"No idea, but I'm probably going to find out soon," Betts said.
Will Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski make Betts sign a no-golf-cart clause in his next contract?
"He hasn't come to me with it, but I'm going to sign it [anyway]," Betts said. "I'm done driving. I'll just let everybody else take over. I may just walk. That may be better."
Who won the round of golf?
"We decided to quit for precautionary reasons. It was a group decision," Betts said.
Betts wanted to make it clear that he would never intentionally damage property and that the whole incident was one of those freak things.

"Who in their right mind would decide to drive into a pond? Especially in the situation with being here with the Red Sox, I wouldn't ever risk that," Betts said. "I think it was funny in that situation. It rolled, and there was nothing you can do about it. When you go golfing, you never think about your cart rolling in. There's a first for everything. Great team bonding."
Betts is one of several Red Sox players in camp working out daily well in advance of the start of camp. The reporting date for position players is Feb. 23.