Red Sox unveil Patriots' Day-inspired unis

Boston's boldest uniform in over 100 years

April 6th, 2021

Ever since 1933, when the Red Sox first put a red 'B' on a navy cap and added "Red Sox" in their distinctive font on the front of their jerseys, Boston hasn't changed its uniforms much. Sure, the Red Sox played with pullovers in the 1970s, the socks have changed over the years and they've even added a red alternate jersey, but Boston's uni is universally beloved. Why mess with a classic?

Well, the Red Sox are adding a pretty fun wrinkle with a new addition to their uniform lineup. This year they're honoring Patriots' Day -- that glorious holiday when all of Boston comes together to watch the Red Sox play a breakfast matinee while also getting to take in the Boston Marathon -- with a special City Connect Uniform.

That's right: This uniform won't be navy and red, but rather in the marathon's distinctive yellow an blue. The front still says "Boston," and there will also be a racing bib on the left sleeve with "617" printed on it for the area code where Fenway Park resides.

In addition, the caps will still have the iconic 'B' on it, but now it will be in the same bright yellow and blue as the jersey, and there will be special socks, too. (The socks will also have some red socks on them. Pretty meta.)

Here's a few more looks at the brightest thing you'll see on the field this year:

This is the biggest uniform change since the Red Sox switched from wearing blue to rocking a giant red sock on the front of their jerseys in 1908. So, yeah, after 113 years, it's a pretty big deal.

Uniform images courtesy Marc Okkonen and the Baseball Hall of Fame

While inspired by Patriots' Day, the Red Sox will be wearing these on April 17-18 leading up to the holiday. On April 19 -- the date of Patriots' Day this year -- the team will once again wear the Boston Strong uniforms they have used since the marathon bombing in 2013.

They won't be the only team to unveil a new City Connect uniform, either. Six more teams will wear them this year with the Marlins, White Sox, Cubs, D-backs, Giants and Dodgers joining in later this summer. These uniforms will be worn for multiple seasons and the collection will eventually grow to encapsulate the entire league.

Here are the dates for when each of these uniforms will hit the field:

- Red Sox: April 17

- Marlins: May 21

- White Sox: June 5

- Cubs: June 12

- D-backs: June 18

- Giants: July 9

- Dodgers: Late August

The Red Sox uniforms, along with caps, socks and other fan apparel will be available on at, the MLB Flagship Store in New York City, SNKRS, the Nike App and select other retail locations.