Reds to attend Tebow showcase

August 24th, 2016

CINCINNATI -- When former NFL and college quarterback Tim Tebow attempts to show that he can play baseball next week, the Reds will be one of several clubs watching.

Cincinnati will have a scout in Los Angeles on Tuesday when Tebow holds a workout showcase. A signing seems to be a longshot, and the Reds' presence appears to be more of a due diligence-type effort similar to other clubs.

Tebow, 29, has not played baseball since his junior year of high school in 2005. He was an NFL quarterback for three seasons from 2010-12 with the Broncos and Jets.

Reds pitcher was a freshman at the University of Florida when Tebow led the school's football team to a BCS National Championship in 2009. DeSclafani has never seen Tebow play baseball, but was pulling for him.

"I definitely think he has the mental toughness to play baseball," DeSclafani said. "I don't know if he's going to realize how much of a grind the Minor Leagues are if he ever gets there. I think he would be one to endure the whole experience of a Minor League life. I think if he does get into the Minor Leagues, he'll get to see what people go through and the long endurance of a season. Athletic ability, it wouldn't be fair for me to judge. I think he might be able to hold his own. I don't know if he'll be successful. Hopefully he will be successful."