A Twitter user predicts Phillies' front office moves

Yoshke Zoidberg knows all

December 22nd, 2020

The Phillies have made a slew off big front office moves this offseason. They hired two-time World Series winner Dave Dombrowski as their President of Baseball Operations in early December, and, on Tuesday, hired former player Sam Fuld as their new General Manager. It's a couple of additions that, seemingly, no one could've predicted. Dombrowski was perfectly happy living in Nashville and Fuld had never been a GM before.

Well, actually, one person predicted both. A random Twitter user. Way back in September.

How did Zoidberg know? Inside info? A crystal ball?

"A blind squirrel, my friend," Zoidberg tells MLB.com.

The longtime Phillies fan says he doesn't have any insider information, he's just been a big-time fan for 30 years. He says "at this point, he has an idea of how they like to work."

"Dombrowski just seemed like a fit, he had success in Boston and Detroit, Philadelphia seemed similar," Zoidberg says. "Fuld, he is a person I have followed for some time. I got the feeling that Fuld rather be front office than manager. Plus the Phillies always seem to not want to lose young guys they think have a future, like they did with pitching coach Chris Young. So, I put both of those together, and got lucky."

Fuld, a former player who retired in 2015, had been Major League player information coordinator for the Phillies in 2017 and in the mix for managerial positions the last two seasons.

How does Zoidberg feel about the new look?

"I like the move because I like Fuld," he says. "They need some kind of direction in that front office, and Dombrowski provides that. Needs to be seen what ownership does."

But his prediction for the 2021 season wasn't as positive. He said he is "a Phillies fan after all."

"I think it's a down year, 4th place, no playoffs, 80 wins."

We'll follow up midseason and see if Zoidberg has forecasted the future yet again.