Ever seen a behind-the-back homer before?

What if the Globetrotters, but softball?

May 27th, 2020

Baseball and softball are hard enough as they are -- you try to swinging a stick at a ball traveling above the highway speed limit and possibly darting in impossible directions at the drop of a hat. You would think that the ability to, you know, actually see the ball would be pretty helpful. You would definitely think that the ability to swing normally, with the full force of your strength and coordination, would be outright necessary.

Of course, you're not softball maven Renaud Lefort, and so you're beholden to the laws of physics like the rest of us:

Lefort -- our very own answer to the question "what if fastpitch softball had its own Globetrotters?" -- has been doing this stuff for a while now, and it seems there is no limit to the witchcraft he can perform on a diamond. We, for one, welcome our new softball overlords.