Gray becomes leader in Reds' clubhouse

August 2nd, 2020

Since joining the Reds last season, right-hander Sonny Gray has quietly become one of the leaders in the clubhouse. This guy is all business. When he is on the mound, he forgets about what’s going on around him for about three hours and just focuses on the team he is facing that day.

Gray credits Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin and former teammate CC Sabathia for showing him those skills on and off the field.

Gray calls Corbin a rock in his life and loves the way he goes about business. Gray says Corbin used to be intimidating, but not anymore. Whenever he faces obstacles, Corbin is one of the first people Gray calls.

“I’m not scared to ask. I said, 'I need help.' He can have such a positive effect on so many people’s lives. That is someone that is doing it the right way,” Gray said.

When he was with the Yankees, Gray admired how teammates respected Sabathia’s work ethic.

“I admired how important those fifth days were for Sabathia,” Gray said. “Watching him throughout that time, when it was his day, you knew what you were getting from him. He was coming in with a lot of fire, with a determination that was second to none. It was going to be a fight, one way or the other.”