Piscotty makes acrobatic grab, falls into stands

May 17th, 2018

BOSTON -- A's outfielder made an extraordinary catch to end the Red Sox's sixth-inning rally in a 6-4 loss on Wednesday night.
The acrobatic display was capped by a disappearing act.
With two outs for a Boston club seeking to extend a three-run inning against reliever , skied one to right field, the ball heading toward the stands as Piscotty chased it down while navigating a low wall and stumbling into the crowd.
"I felt like I had a good jump on it," Piscotty said. "I felt like I could get there, it was just a matter of figuring out that wall. I haven't played here much, so I kind of got lucky honestly. Just kind of threw my glove up there and tried to not get hurt and make the catch."

Piscotty was adamant that he did, but it was called a no catch on the field. A's manager Bob Melvin asked for the play to be reviewed, and replay officials definitively determined Piscotty maintained firm and secure possession of the ball.
"I felt it go right in and I had a good grip on it the whole time," Piscotty said. "I get why he probably called it safe. He probably couldn't see it from his angle. I was just upset, because I figured it would be tough for the video to claim it didn't touch a fan or something silly."
"Amazing," Melvin said. "I never saw what happened. I mean, I saw him go into the stands. I wasn't sure if the ball was in his glove or not. Great play, about as good as you'll see."