Q&A with World Series MVP Steve Pearce

January 14th, 2019
Boston Red Sox's Steve Pearce celebrates his second home run during the eighth inning in Game 5 of the World Series baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)David J. Phillip/AP

In a recent phone interview, World Series MVP Award winner Steve Pearce answered a wide range of questions, from his offseason to re-signing with the Red Sox.
MLB.com: After winning the World Series MVP Award, describe your offseason.
Pearce: It's been hectic. You get pulled in a lot of directions, but I understand that it comes with the territory. It was a dream come true winning the World Series, and I look forward to doing it again in 2019.
MLB.com: Does it seem hard to believe what happened to you last October?
Pearce: It's definitely hard to believe. It's something I always dreamt about. It was a thrilling moment. I'm so happy that I got to live it.
MLB.com: With what you accomplished, did you have to disappear? You really had to concentrate on the 2019 season, right?
Pearce: I got away one time this year. It was overwhelming. I went on a little vacation. I was kind of secluded, no cell phone service and stuff like that. I was able to get away a little bit. It was much needed after such a long season. It was good to get away for a weekend and let everything settle in.
MLB.com: Do you mind if I ask you where did you go?
Pearce: I went to my uncle's hunting camp in North Florida.
MLB.com: What was that like? That had to be fun.
Pearce: Sure. Just to be outside with the boys and be with the family, just hunting and watching football. It was a great weekend, and it was great to get away and not think about baseball.
MLB.com: What's your favorite animal to hunt?
Pearce: Deer, but I haven't been very successful. But I enjoy just relaxing and hunting.
MLB.com: You have been in the big leagues for quite a while. You started your Major League career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. You are 35 now. Did you ever think you would be in Boston?
Pearce: No. I was drafted by the Red Sox [in 2004], but I thought that train came and went. I thought I would never end up in Boston. I've been with all the teams in the AL East. I didn't see it coming. I was very shocked when the call [came that I was traded to the Red Sox last summer].

MLB.com: What made that Red Sox team so special?
Pearce: Oh, man. When I played against them and watched them from afar, you saw the chemistry that they had on the field. Once I got traded over there, it was the first thing I could see. It was special. You could see it when they played on the field. It's not only on-the-field chemistry, it was off the field.
MLB.com: I understand a person like J.D. Martinez is almost like a coach with his video tapes. What is it like to have teammate who is willing to help you out?
Pearce: It's good to have another resource, to have somebody like J.D. Martinez, who kind of figured it out later in his career. He can relate to a lot of players. It's always good because a player that is playing can see what you are doing wrong. He is very knowledgeable. He helps everybody out. You see him help guys like ,  and .
MLB.com: You re-signed with the Red Sox for obvious reasons. Can you tell me what playing in Boston means to you? I could see in your face it meant a lot to you.
Pearce: I'm living my dream every single day playing there. I grew up wanting to play for the Red Sox. When the opportunity came to re-signing with them, I jumped on it. There were really no other options for me. There were options available. But the Red Sox were the option I wanted. I wanted to go back there and defend the title and play with pretty much the same guys. Almost everyone is returning. We get a chance to do something special.
MLB.com: What was it like to play for Alex Cora?
Pearce: Alex is the man. He is a players' manager. He understands how hard the game is. He has open dialogue with the players. He lets people know their roles. He is very easy to play for. He is someone you could lean on. He is not new to the game. He knows how hard the game is. He can relate to all the players. I can speak for everybody. We all love him, and we will follow him wherever he wants us to go.
MLB.com: You grew up a Red Sox fan. Who were your favorite players growing up and were you able to meet them once you became a member of the Red Sox?
Pearce: I met Jason Varitek. He is in the dugout all the time. Players come back all the time. I saw Trot Nixon. Nomar Garciaparra was probably my favorite player growing up. To this day, I get kind of starstruck when I see those guys. Pedro Martinez, when I see him, I go, "Oh, man, I grew up watching this guy." I'm in the same clubhouse with him, and I'll go take a picture with him. Sometimes, I get to be a fan and a player at the same time.

MLB.com: Do you realize no matter what happens during the rest of your career, you will always be part of Red Sox lore?
Pearce: I've been told that a lot. I'm very thankful. That is special to me to be part of Boston's history. When Boston wins, they put you up on a pedestal. They expect to win. You bring that championship, they will be forever grateful.
MLB.com: How much do you have left in the tank?
Pearce: I'm going to go as long as my body will let me. I'm going to go until somebody rips the jersey off my back. Even though I'm 35 years old, I have not been an everyday player for 12 years in the big leagues. I still have a lot of tread on my tires. I'm not looking to slow down any time soon.
MLB.com: When I look at you, I see a lot of enthusiasm, that you are happy to be in Boston. You will do anything for the Red Sox.
Pearce: Well, you saw when I dove into a dugout, I almost broke my back in the ALCS. When you play on a team that we play on, there are guys who are willing to kill themselves to win. You want to do anything you can for your teammates, for your manager. That's the way I was brought up to play the game.
MLB.com: You received a World Series car. What did you do with it?
Pearce: I gave it to my dad.
MLB.com: I can imagine how he reacted.
Pearce: Oh, yeah. He loves it. It's his trophy. His truck was falling apart. I bought a truck a couple of years ago, and it made sense [to give him the World Series car]. He deserves it. He has done a lot for me in my life.
MLB.com: How did he react?
Pearce: He is not the most emotional guy on the planet. He was all giggly and happy. Giving it to him, it was something I was able to repay him for everything he had done for me.
MLB.com: He means a lot to you.
Pearce: He sure does. He is my world.