Great HR heist: Tar Heels OF makes bobbling catch to rob dinger

April 2nd, 2023

Robbing a home run is one of the coolest things you can do on a baseball field. When you manage to bobble the ball and still hang on to that robbed home run, it’s that much more impressive.

That’s exactly what University of North Carolina left fielder Patrick Alvarez did on Sunday against Notre Dame.

Alvarez did everything you’re supposed to do on this play. He read the ball well off the bat and made a beeline to the warning track in left field. Alvarez stopped at the wall, leaped up and got his glove on the ball. Everything was textbook and going according to plan.

Instead of securing the ball, however, it popped out of Alvarez’s glove and back into the field of play. Showing supernatural instincts and hand-eye coordination, Alvarez leaped back towards the field of play to secure the ball in his glove before it hit the ground.

This wasn’t your average home run robbery. When Alvarez pulled off this juggling act and still secured his home run heist, he all but guaranteed that he’ll be showing up on highlight reels for years to come.