Cubs announce 3 new Wrigley clubs for '19

Maker's Mark Barrel Room, W Club, Catalina Club to follow American Airlines 1914 Club

June 7th, 2017
Artist's rendering of the Maker's Mark Barrel Room. (Chicago Cubs)

CHICAGO -- Cubs season-ticket holders will have a choice of three new clubs at Wrigley Field in 2019, which will include such perks as a peek into the batting cages.

Next season, the American Airlines 1914 Club, which is located behind home plate, will open, and the Cubs released information on Wednesday regarding the Maker's Mark Barrel Room, which will be on the first-base side; the W Club on the third-base side; and the Catalina Club, which will be located on the upper level under the press box.

"Within each of the four clubs, they all have their own unique personality and set of features that set them apart," said Cubs vice president of ticketing Cale Vennum.

For example, the Maker's Mark Barrel Room will be located beyond the visitors' dugout on the first-base side and under the current seats. Patrons will feel as if they're at a speakeasy in Chicago, and this location will provide a view of the visitors' batting tunnel. It will be all-inclusive of food, drinks, beer, wine and liquor.

The W Club will be under the seats on the third-base side, and it will celebrate past and current players. There will be more television screens and video baords, plus memorabilia. Season-ticket holders who chose this club will get to watch or take their warmup swings, because the site will have a view into the Cubs' batting tunnel.


Both the Maker's Mark Barrel Room and the W Club can accomodate 250 people.

The Catalina Club was named to pay homage to the Cubs' former Spring Training site on Catalina Island, and it will have indoor and outdoor areas, featuring not only a view of Wrigley Field, but of the Chicago skyline. What is currently the Jim Beam Patio will become part of the Catalina Club. Patrons here can go indoors to the restaurant, then outside to the patio. This space can accomodate 400 people.

Vennum said when the upper-level space is renovated, the Cubs will add new concessions and patios on the right-field and left-field sides, plus enhanced restrooms.

Specific areas within the ballpark will be associated with each club.

"If you have a season ticket in the seats directly behind home plate at the 400 level, those seats would be associated exclusively with the Catalina Club," Vennum said. "It's not an incremental membership that anyone can purchase. It's only these seats that are exclusively associated with each of these spaces, and that's true of all four clubs."

The Cubs hope fans will enjoy a pregame meal at one of the clubs, or if they need something to eat in the fourth inning, club members will have quicker access to food and drinks.

"We know ultimately the Cubs are the star of the show," Vennum said. "People want to be in their seats, and this is just an enhanced set of amenities that they wanted alongside of that, and I think that's what we've provided here."

Season-ticket holders received an email on Wednesday explaining the three new clubs. If interested, they should go to and sign up for the priority waiting list. There is a $500 deposit.

"The reason we're starting this early," Vennum said, "is because we wanted to have a lot of time to speak to our season-ticket holders who are in these spaces today to make sure we can help them understand what their options were, understand if this is the right fit for them, so they're not surprised at the last minute that there is a club seat coming to their space. We want them to have a lot of time to make the best decision for them."

Once completed, the new clubs also will be available to anyone to rent and host an event, and maybe even take a few swings in one of the batting cages.

"This is really fulfilling the promise of the 1060 Project, enhancing the fan experience for everyone," Vennum said. "We started with the bleachers, we've got the Park at Wrigley, we're continuing to improve the spaces in the concourse and concession stands. We'll move to the upper level soon.

"This is right in line with the vision of the project from the very beginning," he said. "We want to enhance the fan experience while taking care of Wrigley Field. ... We're really excited about what these spaces can offer folks."