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Inbox: What's the timetable for a rebuild?

Beat reporter Jason Beck answers fans' questions @beckjason

Clearing out the inbox like a refrigerator of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Turkey sandwiches for everyone…

Clearing out the inbox like a refrigerator of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Turkey sandwiches for everyone…

Tweet from @rogefoo: How long will the rebuild take? Does the front office have a projected timetable? How many of the core players does the FO believe are currently in the organization?

The Tigers would love to have a rebuild that puts them back into contention quickly, like what the Brewers did. Realistically, though, they acknowledge that they have a lot of work to do to restock their system, especially on the hitting side. Unless they can pull off a blockbuster trade, they're going to have to restock with Draft picks and international signings, both of which take time to develop.

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Detroit has enough pitching in its system to get the organization competitive maybe sooner than later. The Tigers' four top prospects in's system rankings are starters, and all of them landed in the season-ending top 100 overall. That's really the core of their rebuild. But as general manager Al Avila warned, the organization is going to be patient before calling those guys up. Moreover, starting pitchers sometimes end up taking their lumps in the big leagues for a while before figuring things out, despite what the Tigers have gotten so far out of Michael Fulmer.

Tweet from @cmbatter: To what extent has "Caesar" been used since its inception, and going forward, how much will the organization rely on it as opposed to traditional scouting efforts?

Avila went into some detail last month about the use of Caesar, the Tigers' recently developed computer database to combine analytics and scouting evaluation. Most of Caesar's use so far, Avila said, has been in player evaluation for acquisitions, including trades, signings and drafting. As Detroit gets more information into the system, its use can expand to on-field matters. Former manager Brad Ausmus asked for information on a case-by-case basis, and I'd expect new quality control coach Joe Vavra to utilize Caesar on a more frequent basis.

Still, don't expect Caesar to replace the Tigers' traditional scouting. They wouldn't have expanded their pro scouting department last month if they had that plan. What they're trying to do is get the two sides to work in tandem.

Tweet from @SLealWilhelm: If Carpenter is seen as a starter, will they go with 3 LH SP?

The Tigers signed Ryan Carpenter earlier this month looking for upside, inking him to a Major League deal even though he has yet to pitch a game in the big leagues after seven pro seasons. If the Tigers decide Carpenter is one of their five best starters out of Spring Training, I don't think they'd hesitate to head north with three lefties in their rotation with him, Daniel Norris and Matthew Boyd. But part of that depends on who else they add (or trade away) this offseason.

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