Díaz to (potentially) enter game to live Timmy Trumpet performance

Yes, it's happening

August 24th, 2022

Edwin Díaz's closer entrance song, "Narco," has taken on a life of its own during the last few weeks.

Television reporters as far away as Texas have used it to walk onto set. Cooks have used it while walking into their kitchens. Even Blasterjaxx, who perform the actual song with Timmy Trumpet, walked into their studio in some Inception-style recreation.

The sudden explosion in popularity has shot the song up to the No. 1 spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart this month, and this week the track has reached the No. 13 position on Billboard’s digital song sales chart.

All this madness drove Mets and baseball fans to one, probably totally unreasonable question: Would Timmy Trumpet come play the trumpets live while Díaz jogged into a game?

For his part, Trumpet told MLB.com he's ready: "If the opportunity comes to play it live as the legend walks out onto the field, I’ll be there in a heartbeat ready to party with the crowd."

And well, on Wednesday, the Mets acknowledged to the world that they were listening. On Aug. 30, during a game against the Dodgers, Trumpet will be in attendance with his trusty trumpet by his side. Here's more from the official team press release:

"Timmy Trumpet, one of the artists behind the viral Edwin Díaz entrance song “Narco,” will appear at Citi Field to throw an honorary first pitch before the Mets game vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers. Timmy Trumpet and Mets closer Edwin Díaz will be available for media together before the game. If Díaz appears in the game, Timmy Trumpet will perform “Narco” live as Díaz enters from the bullpen."

Will he be following Díaz as the closer makes his way to the mound? Will he pop up from some random seat in the upper deck? Will all the lights go out as Timmy slowly rises up from the Home Run Apple, blasting away as the sold-out crowd claps along?

We'll all just have to wait and see.