Tony Kemp pulls off move of year to score

This really shouldn't be possible

September 16th, 2020

Tony Kemp was stuck.

The A's second baseman was at third in the third inning of Wednesday's A's-Rockies game and decided to try to run home on a Robbie Grossman ground ball to first base. Rockies first baseman Josh Fuentes fielded the ball and ran toward third -- firing over to Nolan Arenado. Kemp was now, unfortunately, caught in a dreaded rundown -- the type of play that a baserunner rarely makes it out of.

But after avoiding the tag on the first two back-and-forth throws -- and a slight Arenado bobble -- Kemp scored to give the A's a 1-0 lead. He shouldn't have; the throw home beat him by about 10 feet. Just look at it.

But Kemp pulled off a Matrix-style maneuver we haven't seen the likes of this season.