Hitting the century mark: Best 100 plays of '17

December 26th, 2017

The 2017 season was filled with incredible plays on the diamond, including jaw-dropping defensive gems and history-making offensive feats. MLB Network counted down the best 100 plays from last season, and as the year draws to a close, we break them down here, from Nos. 100 to 1:
Nos. 100-90
has made his share of outstanding plays over a 15-year career, but it's not every day you see him make an incredible play at first base, as you'll see here. And not to be outdone, in the category of big sluggers making great plays in the outfield, NL MVP flashes the leather by robbing a homer to seal a Marlins victory.

Nos. 89-80
Here you'll see Indians shortstop starting a 6-4-3 double play in the prettiest of fashions, as well as Marlins center fielder going all out to catch a deep drive that ends in him slamming his face into the wall and holding on to the ball.

Nos. 79-70
Here we have a pair of triple plays, each started by a rookie. Also in this group, two-time Gold Glove Award winner ends a game with a jaw-dropping catch.

Nos. 69-58
Thought there were only two 5-4-3 triple plays in 2017? Think again. How about two more? Plus, a cat sprinting across the outfield and precipitating a Cardinals rally.

Nos. 57-50
What does a Statcast™-projected 104 mph throw to nail a runner at the plate look like? How about a 6-foot-7, 280-pound right fielder making a tremendous diving catch to take away extra bases? The Brewers' and the Yankees' demonstrate, among several other great plays.

Nos. 49-40
Below you'll see Nationals third baseman have a career game, going 6-for-6 with three home runs and 10 RBIs against the Mets, as well as two exciting young players showing off their tremendous skills in center field, the Twins' and the Indians' .

Nos. 39-29
A pair of the game's brightest young stars appear in this group of plays of the year, with Manny Machado capping a three-homer game with a walk-off grand slam and hitting his 200th career home run.

Nos. 28-21
Here you'll see history being made as joins the 3,000-hit club, as well as Cubs center fielder making an incredible play to not only seal a win against the Cardinals, but clinch the National League Central in the process.

Nos. 20-15
In this group of outstanding plays, you'll see the first Reds player to hit four homers in a game:

Nos. 14-10
In this group of outstanding plays, you'll see sending the Indians to an American League-record 22nd consecutive victory and a Dodger becoming a postseason hero.

No. 9: J.D. Martinez hits four home runs vs. Dodgers, Sept. 4
The D-backs' acquisition of Martinez this past July was one of the best in recent memory, as the slugger belted 29 home runs in 62 games to help push Arizona into the postseason for the first time since 2011. On Labor Day, he had his signature game of the season, hitting four home runs in four consecutive plate appearances off four different pitchers at Dodger Stadium. He became the first D-backs player, and 18th player in MLB history, to hit four homers in a game. The performance also helped the D-backs extend their winning streak to 13 games.

No. 8: makes leaping basket catch at the wall vs. Padres, Aug. 8
Hamilton had to go 106 feet straight back to the center-field wall, per Statcast™, on 's deep drive in the third inning at Great American Ball Park. Once he got to the fence, he leaped in the air with his back to home plate and made a basket catch as he hit the wall near the 404-foot sign to rob Asuaje of extra bases.

No. 7: hits grand slam for his 600th career home run, June 3
Pujols became the ninth player to hit 600 home runs and first to do it with a grand slam, connecting against Twins starter in the fourth inning at Angel Stadium. Per Statcast™, the exit velocity was 100.5 mph and the launch angle was 42 degrees, the second-highest launch angle on a Pujols homer since 2015.

No. 6: Arenado dives, spins, throws out Giants' Blach from seated position, June 28
We've become accustomed to Arenado's glittering glovework at third base over the years, but this was perhaps the five-time NL Gold Glove Award winner's finest play in 2017. On a ground ball wide of third, Arenado made a full-extension dive to his left, knocked the ball down, grabbed it with his bare hand as it trickled away and spun and threw from a seated position to get the out at first.

No. 5: Judge hits his 50th homer of 2017, breaking single-season rookie mark, Sept. 25
The AL Rookie of the Year put on a power display unlike any by a rookie in MLB history. He hit his 49th and 50th homers of the season at Yankee Stadium against the Royals, belting the first of the day to right field and the second to left-center. The 50th homer eclipsed Mark McGwire's rookie record set in 1987 and was a mammoth shot off right-hander . According to Statcast™, it had an exit velocity of 109.6 mph and a projected distance of 408 feet.
Judge became the fifth player in franchise history to hit 50 home runs in a season, joining Babe Ruth (four times), Mickey Mantle (twice), Roger Maris and Alex Rodriguez.

No. 4: robs Judge of home run at Fenway Park, July 16
When Judge hit a deep drive in the eighth inning at Fenway, it looked as though he'd be rounding the bases with his 31st homer of the season. But Bradley raced back toward the triangular area in right-center field, measured the flight of the ball as it headed toward the seats, leaped with his left side against the fence and brought it back for the out.

No. 3: makes "Superman" catch to rob Indians' , May 8
Pillar has been nicknamed "Superman" thanks to his history of making tremendous catches, particularly ones that make it seem as though he's flying through the air like a superhero. Ramirez became the latest to be robbed by a Pillar "Superman" grab at Rogers Centre, when the center fielder raced back toward the wall and dove full-extension onto the warning track to haul in a ball that seemed destined to result in extra bases.

No. 2: Chris Coghlan does somersault over to score, July 25
Coghlan was on first base with one out in the seventh inning at Busch Stadium, when Pillar drove a ball off the right-field wall, sending Coghlan sprinting for the plate. The relay home beat Coghlan, but he improvised a way to get around -- well, actually over the tag. He jumped over the top of Molina and did a mid-air flip to score and put Toronto ahead, 2-1.

No. 1: flips over right-center-field wall at Fenway to haul in drive, Aug. 1
With the Indians leading, 7-5, in the fifth inning, Ramirez drove a ball nearly to the same spot as Judge did when he was robbed by Bradley (Play No. 4). Playing center field, Jackson raced 101 feet into deep right-center, and without time to brace for impact, he leaped for the ball, caught it and flipped over the short fence, landing in the Red Sox bullpen.
The play was reminiscent of a David Ortiz home run in Game 2 of the 2013 American League Championship Series, when Torii Hunter -- then a teammate of Jackson's with the Tigers -- flipped over the wall, but couldn't make the catch, resulting in a game-tying grand slam. In this case, all Ramirez could do upon seeing Jackson's incredible grab was say, "Whoa."