Here's each team's new Top 30 Prospects list

August 20th, 2021

MLB Pipeline updated all of its prospects lists yesterday, from the overall Top 100 to position Top 10s to organization Top 30s. Below is a snapshot of each farm system, a prelude to our upcoming revision of our talent rankings next week.

For each system, we list its total of Top 100 Prospects and identify its best prospect and highest-ranked newcomer. We also calculate its Prospect Points (100 for the No. 1 prospect, 99 for No. 2 and so on through one for No. 100), a quick if imprecise measure of its blue-chip talent.


Blue Jays
Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 217 (10th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Gabriel Moreno, C (MLB No. 34)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Gunnar Hoglund, RHP (No. 5, first-round pick)
Toronto dipped its prospect pool by trading Austin Martin and Simeon Woods Richardson to the Twins in the José Berríos deal at the Trade Deadline, but plenty of exciting talent remains, especially on the position-player side. An early 2021 breakout has made Gabriel Moreno one of the top catching prospects in baseball, and Orelvis Martinez is looking like a star with the bat himself at the lower levels. The Major League arrivals of Otto Lopez and Kevin Smith show there’s some depth here too. Story»

Top 100: 5 | Prospect Points: 255 (3rd) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Adley Rutschman, C (MLB No. 1)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Colton Cowser, (No. 5/MLB No. 83, 1st-round pick)
Any time you can start with the No. 1 overall prospect in the game, as the Orioles have with Rutschman, that’s a good start, but they also now have the highest-ranked pitching prospect in baseball in Grayson Rodriguez. Story»

Top 100: 5 | Prospect Points: 250 (5th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Shane Baz, RHP (MLB No. 20)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Carson Williams, SS (No. 10, first-round pick)
Tampa Bay graduated the top overall prospect in baseball in Wander Franco as well as Top 100 pitchers Luis Patiño and Shane McClanahan, but the conveyor belt of talent isn’t about to stop there. Shane Baz found improved command to become a top young arm, and Vidal Bruján, Xavier Edwards, Josh Lowe and Greg Jones aren’t far away from bringing their considerable tools to St. Pete. It’s still a deep system. Story»

Red Sox
Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 250 (4th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Marcelo Mayer, SS (MLB No. 9)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Mayer (first-round pick)
The Red Sox have an improving farm system with increased depth -- and having the best player in the 2021 Draft fall into their lap with the No. 4 overall pick didn’t hurt. Story»

Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 207 (15th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Anthony Volpe, SS (MLB No. 15)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Trey Sweeney, SS (No. 7, first-round pick)
Volpe's rise to one of the top prospects in baseball this summer has been stunning, while right-hander Luis Gil has boosted the Yankees' playoff hopes. Story»


Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 107 (22nd) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Tyler Freeman, INF (MLB No. 65)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Gavin Williams, RHP (No. 9, first-round pick)
Freeman and outfielder/third baseman Nolan Jones will make an impact in the near future, but the Indians' burgeoning system will really make its presence felt in 2023 and beyond. Story»

Top 100: 6 | Prospect Points: 235 (7th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Bobby Witt Jr., SS (MLB No. 3)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Frank Mozzicato, LHP (No. 9, first-round pick)
The baseball world is becoming infatuated with Bobby Witt Jr. and rightly so. Just don’t let that blind you to the fact that this has become one of the deepest farms in baseball, in part due to exciting and powerful breakouts from Nick Pratto and MJ Melendez. Kansas City prides itself on building homegrown contenders — when they do make playoff pushes — and it doesn’t take much squinting to see how the blueprint is being laid out in this group. Story»

Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 242 (6th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Spencer Torkelson, 3B/1B (MLB No. 4)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Jackson Jobe, RHP (No. 3/MLB No. 50, first-round pick)
Just when it looked like Detroit was building its system around considerable slugging talent, the organization went and took pitchers Jackson Jobe and Ty Madden with its first two picks in the Draft. Spencer Torkelson and Riley Greene will be big pieces of what helps Detroit turn the corner in its rebuild as early as next year, but this Draft class added some needed depth behind them. Story»

Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 140 (21st) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Royce Lewis, SS (MLB No. 37)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Chase Petty, RHP (No. 7, 1st-round pick)
The Twins list has taken a hit graduations-wise, with Alex Kirilloff, Trevor Larnach and Brent Rooker all bats who are no longer considered prospects, but they’ve added four new members of the top 10 since the start of the season via trades and the Draft. Story»

White Sox
Top 100: 0 | Prospect Points: 0 (29th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Colson Montgomery, SS
Highest-ranked newcomer: Montgomery (first-round pick)
The White Sox have graduated a ton of talent to Chicago in the last couple of years, and now they're replenishing with 2021 draftees Montgomery and third baseman Wes Kath. Story»


Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 140 (20th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Reid Detmers, LHP (MLB No. 24)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Sam Bachman, RHP (No. 3/MLB No. 96, 1st-round pick)
The last time the Angels had a pitcher-only (Ohtani doesn’t count!) in the top spot was back in 2015 (Andrew Heaney), and the Angels still have premium athletic talent behind Detmers, not to mention another Top 100 college arm from this year’s Draft class in Bachman. Story»

Top 100: 0 | Prospect Points: 0 (29th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Korey Lee, C
Highest-ranked newcomer: Tyler Whitaker, OF (No. 6, third-round pick)
The Astros may not have a Top 100 Prospect, but catcher Korey Lee and right-hander Hunter Brown aren't far off, and shortstop/outfielder Pedro Leon, a 2021 international signee, has huge upside. Story»

Top 100: 1 | Prospect Points: 55 (25th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Tyler Soderstrom, C (MLB No. 46)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Max Muncy, SS (No. 2, 1st-round pick)
Soderstrom has lived up to advanced billing as one of the top hitters in the 2020 Draft class, hitting for average and power, and the A’s can hope their second straight high school draft pick, Muncy, can follow suit. Story»

Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 320 (2nd) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Julio Rodriguez, OF (MLB No. 2)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Harry Ford, C (No. 6, 1st-round pick)
Even with the graduations of top prospect Jarred Kelenic and top pitching prospect Logan Gilbert, the Mariners still have a ton of high-end talent, with Rodriguez and big-riser Noelvi Marte in the top 11 overall. Story»

Top 100: 5 | Prospect Points: 185 (17th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Jack Leiter, RHP (MLB No. 12)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Leiter (first-round pick)
The Rangers may have the deepest farm system in the game, recently enhanced by grabbing the best pitcher in the 2021 Draft and trading Joey Gallo for four prospects, led by middle infielders Josh Smith and Ezequiel Duran. Story»


Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 105 (23rd) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Cristian Pache, OF (MLB No. 40)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Ryan Cusick, RHP (No. 6, 1st-round pick)
There’s still belief in the pair of outfielders in the top three of this list (catcher Shea Langeliers is sandwiched between them), even if Pache and Drew Waters haven’t set the world on fire this year, and there’s a third outfielder, Michael Harris, joining that duo in the Top 100. Story»

Top 100: 7 | Prospect Points: 323 (1st) | Top 30 Prospects list**
No. 1:** Kahlil Watson, SS (MLB No. 28)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Watson (first-round pick)
The future looks bright for the Marlins, who lead all organizations with seven Top 100 Prospects and 323 Prospect Points and have several farmhands ready to make an impact by the end of 2022. Story»

Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 186 (16th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Francisco Álvarez, C (MLB No. 10)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Dominic Hamel, RHP (No. 11, third-round pick)
Francisco Álvarez has officially been coronated a Top 10 prospect, and Brett Baty and Ronny Mauricio have provided their share of thump. Mark Vientos has started to fulfill his power promise as well, but this is a group that falls apart quickly after the first set of big names. The non-signing of Kumar Rocker certainly didn’t help matters. Story»

Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 230 (15th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Keibert Ruiz, C (MLB No. 19)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Brady House, SS (No. 4/MLB No. 60, first-round pick)
It’s been a few weeks since the Trade Deadline, and this still feels like a new farm system. Nats fans have gotten to know Josiah Gray quite well in the Majors, and they should be pleased to know Keibert Ruiz and Cade Cavalli are even better prospects knocking on the door. Nine of the Nats’ Top 30 prospects came over on Deadline deals, and three more came from the 2021 Draft. Story»

Top 100: 1 | Prospect Points: 31 (28th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Mick Abel, RHP (MLB No. 70)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Andrew Painter, RHP (No. 3, 1st-round pick)
Abel, the lone Phillies prospect on the Top 100, is now joined by a second straight high school right-hander via the Draft in Painter, and the Phillies have five new members of the Top 30 via the 2021 Draft overall. Story»


Top 100: 2 | Prospect Points: 49 (27th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Garrett Mitchell, OF (MLB No. 56)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Sal Frelick, OF (No. 2/MLB No. 97, first-round pick)
Another speedy outfielder from the college ranks? That’s what the Brewers added in Sal Frelick in this year’s Draft, and along with 2020 first-rounder Garrett Mitchell, the pair represent Milwaukee’s Top 100 contingent. A mix of youth (Brice Turang, Hedbert Perez, Jefferson Quero) and near-ready arms (Ethan Small, Aaron Ashby) make up the next tier. Story»

Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 164 (18th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Nolan Gorman, 2B/3B (MLB No. 25)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Joshua Baez, OF (No. 5, second-round pick)
While a ton of attention was being paid (and with good cause) to top prospects Nolan Gorman and Matthew Liberatore, Jordan Walker was smashing the ball at the lower levels, thus vaulting himself into Top 100 territory. The Cards are lighter on arms, perhaps putting a little more pressure on Liberatore to become an impact starter. Story»

Top 100: 2 | Prospect Points: 93 (24th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Brennen Davis, OF (MLB No. 14)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Jordan Wicks, LHP (No. 6, first-round pick)
The Cubs have fully embraced a rebuild with trades since last season providing eight of their Top 30 prospects, including six of their top 16.

Top 100: 5 | Prospect Points: 210 (14th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Henry Davis, C (MLB No. 23)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Davis, C (No. 1/MLB No. 23, 1st-round pick)
It’s no surprise that the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 Draft is now the Pirates’ top prospect, and the 2021 Draft provides the system with four players in the top 11, while that and trades the Pirates have made continued to add a ton of depth to one of the richest systems in baseball. Story»

Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 213 (12th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Hunter Greene, RHP (MLB No. 27)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Matt McLain, SS (No. 4/MLB No. 99, 1st-round pick)
The Reds have gotten help from their farm in the big leagues, with Rookie of the Year candidates Jonathan India and Tyler Stephenson graduating off of prospect lists this year, and now Greene and Nick Lodolo are knocking on the door from Triple-A. Story»


Top 100: 3 | Prospect Points: 227 (9th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Jordan Lawlar, SS (MLB No. 13)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Lawlar (first-round pick)
Arizona must have been elated when Jordan Lawlar fell to its Draft spot at No. 6. His arrival gives the organization, which was already big on young position players, another exciting bat. It’s a shame Corbin Carroll’s shoulder injury ended his season quite early or else it could have been a fascinating debate for the top spot in this group. It still might be. A lack of overall depth keeps this from being a top system overall, but the D-backs will get another injection of talent with expected high picks and a large bonus pool next year. Story»

Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 142 (19th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Diego Cartaya, C (MLB No. 29)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Maddux Bruns, LHP (No. 12, first-round pick)
The Dodgers keep winning in the Majors while acquiring and developing talent in the Minors -- none of their four Top 100 guys (Cartaya, right-handers Ryan Pepiot and Bobby Miller, second baseman Michael Busch) made the list a year ago, and more prospects are on the rise. Story»

Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 212 (13th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Marco Luciano, SS (MLB No. 5)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Will Bednar, RHP (No. 7, first-round pick)
The Giants system is as strong as it has been in at least a decade, and adding college arms Bednar and Matt Mikulski in the 2021 Draft provided some balance for a strong group of position prospects. Story»

Top 100: 4 | Prospect Points: 250 (5th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: CJ Abrams, SS (MLB No. 6)
Highest-ranked newcomer: James Wood, OF (No. 5, second-round pick)
The good news: CJ Abrams was holding his own at Double-A before leg injures ended his season, and Robert Hassell is off to a productive start in his first full season. The bad news: No one yet knows what to make of MacKenzie Gore since he’s started working on his delivery and command back at the complex in Arizona. It’s not as deep a system as it once was because of the emphasis placed on the MLB club, but there are some fun breakout performers further down the list, like Ethan Elliott, Euribiel Angeles and knuckleballer Matt Waldron. The addition of Golden Spikes winner Kevin Kopps gives the lower half of the Top 30 additional intrigue. Story»

Top 100: 1 | Prospect Points: 46 (27th) | Top 30 Prospects list
No. 1: Zac Veen, OF (MLB No. 55)
Highest-ranked newcomer: Benny Montgomery, OF (No. 2, 1st-round pick)
In 2020, the Rockies added talent at the top of their list in the form of a high school outfielder, Zac Veen, now their lone rep on the Top 100; this year, they did the same thing with Benny Montgomery and there are a total of six members of the 2021 Draft class on the Top 30. Story»