Here are the Top 100 Prospects on Spring Breakout rosters

March 14th, 2024

Never before have fans been able to watch so many of baseball's best prospects face off against each other in such a short period of time. The inaugural Spring Breakout event, beginning tonight and running through Sunday, will include 16 games, 71 of MLB Pipeline's Top 100 Prospects and nearly two-thirds of the 900 players on Pipeline's organization Top 30 Prospects lists.

All 16 contests will be broadcast live and blackout-free on MLB's digital platforms (, MLB.TV and the MLB app). Six games will air live on MLB Network, beginning with perhaps the most anticipated showdown: Orioles at Pirates at 7:05 p.m. ET on Thursday at LECOM Park in Bradenton, Fla.

That game very well could begin with the game's best prospect (Orioles middle infielder Jackson Holliday) facing the top pitching prospect (Pirates right-hander Paul Skenes), which is also a matchup of the No. 1 overall picks in the 2022 (Holliday) and 2023 (Skenes) Drafts. They first met in a Grapefruit League game on Feb. 29, with Holliday grounding out to second against a 100-mph fastball.

"It's a good opportunity to show what's going to be next for Major League Baseball, who's going to be playing for the next 10 or 15 or 20 years hopefully," Skenes said. "It's going to be cool."

Along with Holliday and Skenes, six more of the first 10 prospects on the Top 100 are scheduled to participate: Brewers outfielder Jackson Chourio, Rays infielder Junior Caminero, Nationals outfielder Dylan Crews, Padres catcher Ethan Salas, White Sox shortstop Colson Montgomery and Twins outfielder Walker Jenkins. So are nine of the the first 10 selections from the 2023 Draft: Skenes, Crews, Tigers outfielder Max Clark, Jenkins, Athletics shortstop Jack Wilson, Reds right-hander Rhett Lowder, Royals catcher Blake Mitchell, Rockies righty Chase Dollander and Marlins righty Noble Meyer.

Twenty-one of the 30 teams plan on sending their top prospect, as rated by MLB Pipeline, to Spring Breakout. The Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Mariners and Rockies will have each of their 10 best prospects participate. The Astros, Nationals, Pirates, Red Sox, Royals and Twins will feature nine of their top 10 prospects.

A complete list of all Top 100 prospects scheduled to play in Spring Breakout:

1. Jackson Holliday, SS/2B, Orioles (ETA: 2024)
2. Jackson Chourio, OF, Brewers (ETA: 2024)
3. Paul Skenes, RHP, Pirates (ETA: 2024)
4. Junior Caminero, 3B/SS, Rays (ETA: 2024)
7. Dylan Crews, OF, Nationals (ETA: 2024)
8. Ethan Salas, C, Padres (ETA: 2025)
9. Colson Montgomery, SS, White Sox (ETA: 2024)
10. Walker Jenkins, OF, Twins (ETA: 2026)
11. Jordan Lawlar, SS, D-backs (ETA: 2024)
13. Max Clark, OF, Tigers (ETA: 2026)
14. James Wood, OF, Nationals (ETA: 2024)
15. Marcelo Mayer, SS, Red Sox (ETA: 2024)
16. Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF, Cubs (ETA: 2024)
17. Samuel Basallo, C/1B, Orioles (ETA: 2025)
18. Brooks Lee, SS, Twins (ETA: 2024)
20. Carson Williams, SS, Rays (ETA: 2025)
24. Roman Anthony, OF, Red Sox (ETA: 2025)
26. Cade Horton, RHP, Cubs (ETA: 2024)
28. Adael Amador, SS/2B, Rockies (ETA: 2025)
30. Coby Mayo, 3B/1B, Orioles (ETA: 2024)
31. Chase DeLauter, OF, Guardians (ETA: 2025)
33. Jacob Misiorowski, RHP, Brewers (ETA: 2025)
34. Rhett Lowder, RHP, Reds (ETA: 2024)
35. Jeferson Quero, C, Brewers (ETA: 2024)
36. Robby Snelling, LHP, Padres (ETA: 2025)
37. Cole Young, SS/2B, Mariners (ETA: 2025)
38. Harry Ford, C, Mariners (ETA: 2025)
40. Kyle Teel, C, Red Sox (ETA: 2025)
42. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF, Twins (ETA: 2025)
43. Masyn Winn, SS/2B, Cardinals (ETA: 2024)
44. Termarr Johnson, 2B, Pirates (ETA: 2025)
45. Jett Williams, SS/OF, Mets (ETA: 2025)
46. Tyler Black, 3B/1B, Brewers (ETA: 2024)
47. Owen Caissie, OF, Cubs (ETA: 2025)
48. Brady House, 3B, Nationals (ETA: 2025)
49. Mick Abel, RHP, Phillies (ETA: 2024)
52. Chase Dollander, RHP, Rockies (ETA: 2026)
53. Drew Gilbert, OF, Mets (ETA: 2024)
54. Matt Shaw, SS/2B, Cubs (ETA: 2025)
56. Dylan Lesko, RHP, Padres (ETA: 2026)
57. Noble Meyer, RHP, Marlins (ETA: 2026)
58. Xavier Isaac, 1B, Rays (ETA: 2026)
59. Kyle Manzardo, 1B, Guardians (ETA: 2024)
60. Jace Jung, 2B/3B, Tigers (ETA: 2024)
61. Aidan Miller, 3B/SS, Phillies (ETA: 2027)
64. Tink Hence, RHP, Cardinals (ETA: 2024)
65. Kevin Alcántara, OF, Cubs (ETA: 2025)
66. Luisangel Acuña, SS/2B, Mets (ETA: 2024)
67. Edwin Arroyo, SS, Reds (ETA: 2025)
68. Jacob Wilson, SS, A's (ETA: 2025)
71. Sebastian Walcott, SS, Rangers (ETA: 2027)
72. Yanquiel Fernandez, OF, Rockies (ETA: 2025)
73. James Triantos, 2B, Cubs (ETA: 2025)
74. Tommy Troy, SS, D-backs (ETA: 2025)
75. Dalton Rushing, C/1B, Dodgers (ETA: 2025)
76. Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS, Red Sox (ETA: 2024)
77. Justin Crawford, OF, Phillies (ETA: 2026)
78. Druw Jones, OF, D-backs (ETA: 2026)
79. Gabriel Gonzalez, OF, Twins (ETA: 2026)
81. Jordan Beck, OF, Rockies (ETA: 2025)
82. Anthony Solometo, LHP, Pirates (ETA: 2024)
84. Spencer Jones, OF, Yankees (ETA: 2025)
86. Roderick Arias, SS, Yankees (ETA: 2027)
87. Colt Emerson, SS/2B, Mariners (ETA: 2026)
88. Brock Porter, RHP, Rangers (ETA: 2026)
92. Chase Hampton, RHP, Yankees (ETA: 2024)
93. Bubba Chandler, RHP, Pirates (ETA: 2025)
94. Blake Mitchell, C, Royals (ETA: 2027)
96. Bryce Eldridge, OF/1B, Giants (ETA: 2026)
97. Ryan Clifford, OF/1B, Mets (ETA: 2026)
99. Tekoah Roby, RHP, Cardinals (ETA: 2024)