Giants fan (jokingly) tries taking Trea's bat

September 4th, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO -- Even with a rivalry as intense as Giants-Dodgers, there’s still room for some playful moments.

In the third inning of Friday’s game between the National League West rivals, ’s bat slipped out of his hand after offering at a 1-2 pitch, the lumber being absorbed by the netting behind home plate. Everyone was OK, as the netting did its job protecting the people sitting behind it.

As Turner walked over to retrieve the bat, a fan in the front row who was wearing Giants gear jokingly tried to take the bat. Turner watched as the fan attempted to pull the bat through the net before pushing it back in the All-Star shortstop’s direction.

Both Turner and the fan exchanged a laugh as he picked up his bat to finish the plate appearance, one that ended in a walk.