Plouffe predicted Fall Classic result in March

He spoiled the entire season

November 3rd, 2021

Trying to gaze into a crystal ball and foresee the baseball season is a fool's errand. After all, as John Sterling knows, you can't predict baseball.

Unless ... maybe you can. Former big leaguer Trevor Plouffe pegged this exact outcome back on March 31. That's right: Before the season ever began, Plouffe said that Atlanta was going to defeat Houston in six games.

Getting one team right? Nice guess. Getting both? Maybe you should look into purchasing some lotto tickets. Nailing the number of games, too?! It's time for us to start asking him for stock tips and if our crush will ever love us back.

Looking back at how we got here makes his prediction even more impressive. While Atlanta was expected to be a contender, the team lost starter Mike Soroka to an Achilles injury early in the year, and then lost ace Charlie Morton just 7 outs into Game 1 of the World Series. Superstar center fielder Ronald Acuña Jr. tore his ACL in July, and the team never led the NL East until the middle of August.

But a series of shrewd Trade Deadline deals to remake the outfield and some absolutely scorching play over the final two months of the season and the postseason brought us here.

Somehow, Plouffe saw it all. Hopefully next time he does us a favor and gives us a "spoiler alert" tag first.