Umpire Danley exits after foul tip off mask

July 9th, 2017

LOS ANGELES -- Home-plate umpire Kerwin Danley had to leave Sunday's Royals-Dodgers game -- a 5-2 win for Los Angeles -- shortly after taking a foul ball to the facemask.

After the game, crew chief Bill Miller said Danley exhibited symptoms of a concussion, and he was taken for an MRI.

Danley was struck by a ball off the bat of Dodgers cleanup hitter in the first inning. Danley's fall was broken by the quick action of Royals catcher , who grabbed and then eased Danley to the ground. Danley spent several minutes down, being attended to by trainers and fellow umpires, but he remained in the game.

Danley worked the top of the second inning, but he immediately left the field after the frame and headed to the umpire clubhouse. He was replaced behind the plate by first-base umpire Adam Hamari and the game continued with three umpires. Game-time temperature was 94 degrees.

Danley has an unfortunate history umpiring behind the plate at Dodger Stadium. In 2008, Danley was knocked out when a 96-mph pitch from Brad Penny crossed up and eluded catcher , striking Danley in his jaw. That game was delayed for 18 minutes and Danley was briefly hospitalized.

Danley also was knocked from games in 2015 by a foul ball, in 2013 due to a concussion, and in 2009 when he was struck on the head by a piece of a broken bat.