Star of viral video, kid gets gear from Grandy

Known for Christmas reaction, Logan Cumby invited to The Players Alliance event

January 10th, 2021

HOUSTON -- Who remembers young Logan Cumby?

He’s the pint-sized, adorable star of the Christmas video that went viral when the lad nearly hyperventilated over excitement about his brand new bat.

The video, posted by his dad, Ricky, was up to 6.6 million views when the two dropped by Saturday’s Pull Up Neighbor event held by The Players Alliance in Houston. They were special invited guests of The Players Alliance, and, more specifically, Curtis Granderson, who’s as famous for his kindness as he is for his expansive Major League career.

Granderson, like, well, everyone, saw the Cumby video, was moved by how happy and appreciative Logan was to receive a wood bat for Christmas and decided to invite the father-son duo to Saturday’s event to meet more players.

The result? Logan now has shoes, baseballs, a glove and more bats to go with the one he received on Christmas.

In addition to food and personal protective equipment for families, the Pull Up Neighbor tour provided baseball equipment specifically for kids. Granderson made sure some of that gear went Logan’s way.

“It’s amazing to see the fraternity of baseball players,” Ricky said. “It’s just a loved sport, and when people reach out, they reach all the way back out. They tell him to stay positive, keep at it and focus on his dreams. It’s been amazing for him.”

Logan, who identified Mookie Betts and Jose Altuve as his favorite players, calls his bat “Jobu” (yes, that Jobu, from “Major League”). When asked what made him love baseball so much, Logan looked up and said, “Daddy.”

Ricky wasn’t expecting his Christmas video to spread as quickly as it did, but he understood why it sparked such an emotional response.

“With everything that’s going on with COVID, they really needed a heart-felt moment,” he said. “With so much in the digital age -- seeing kids playing video games all day -- to bring it back to how we grew up, with baseball, playing outside ... it’s just really relatable. A feel-good moment.”